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Time for a new jersey….

I went to two Minnesota Twins games this weekend. (Friday night and Sunday afternoon.) There is something that bothers me more than anything while I’m there, and I’m not talking about paying $6 for a beer.

The guy or girl sitting a few rows in front of you that is wearing a jersey from a player that no longer plays on the team, and hasn’t played for that team for a few years. Usually this is a player who only played for the team for a few seasons then got traded. Time to get rid of the jersey dude, or keep that thing in your closet.   

You look like a fool.

While we’re on the subject of baseball jerseys….Those pink ones have to go. Just stop selling them, stop wearing them, just plain stop! There is no team with pink as their team color so you shouldn’t be wearing that shit ladies. (and gay guy)

To the chick that comes to the game in high heels: I hope you fall, really I do and I hope it’s at the top of the stairs.

To the dad who gets nose bleed seats but lets his kids bring their baseball gloves to catch a foul ball ( like they have a chance): Don’t! Just DON’T. You’re killing me man, you really are.

To the beach ball hitting people: Are you dumb? Hit that damn thing BACKWARDS so it DOESN’T go on the field. Idiots.


11 Responses

  1. Eh, I may have to disagree with this one Steve. I think it’s kind of lame if it’s a hall of famer but if I’m in the Bronx and someone is wearing a Willie Randolph jersey from back in the day, I think that’s fine. In fact I like to obscure reference. In fact that’s a pretty cool topic. Jersey’s to wear. I’d wear a Rasheed Wallace Atlanta Hawks jersey.

  2. I see alot of the jersey crap in hockey games too. It’s like, “hi, i can’t afford another jersey so i’ll just wear this old one i have. AT LEAST it’s a jersey”. You’re right, it don’t work and it makes you look like you’re on the welfare.

    as for the pink outfits, i got one for my friends little 3 year old. was i out of line?? watch the age limit with pink sports clothes?

  3. duh, i mean “what’s” not “watch” … stupid crack.

  4. Girls in high-heels at sports games are the BEST! They’re the same ones who clap only with the balls of their hands, ’cause they don’t want their fake, curled-over nails to hit each other and get chipped…god, I hate girls SO much…not to say that I’m confused, and that I wish I was a dude, I just hate girls other than me. Thank you.

  5. Wait… do I need to throw out my Steelers “bus” jersey??? Not that any one knows him here in the sticks. But I love to where it to Phoenix games and have people look at my friends that I’m with strangely. Really I don’t mind the embarrassment they receive, and I don’t know anyone else while I visit there.

  6. Jim – Thanks

    Brock – Hall of Fame players are different…But what about some player who now plays for a different team? That is just lame…

    Joebec – I have a throw back North Stars jersey with no numbers on it…But I don’t wear it…

    As for the pink jersey…I think they shouldn’t be made…Don’t let your kids think that it’s ok to wear a weird ass colored jersey…That’s just not right…

    Romi – Yeah…Those chicks suck…They are also the ones that know NOTHING about the game and ask you stupid ass questions the whole time…Grr…

    Cowgalutah – Well if you don’t mind the ridicule than more power to ya…Heh…

  7. Sometimes I show up to Angels’ games wearing leather stiletto heels and a latex body suit with a giant “A” on my chest. Do you think that crosses the line? I mean, I’m just showing support for my team.

  8. That is completely fine…Except that you’re at an Angels game…Haha.

  9. throwback Northstars is a different sort of thing. that’s nostalgia for a whole TEAM that don’t exist anymore. that’s ok in my book.

    no pink sports clothes…noted.

  10. fucking baseball is the best fucking game there is and there’s nothing better than sitting out in the fucking bleachers getting fucking pasted on a sunny afternoon. Too bad the fucking Twins don’t have any fucking sun.

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