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Day 2…

I was going to do a blog tonight about how much Nickleback sucks but decided against that since I am about to fall asleep.

Why you ask?

Because it is the second day of being caffeine free. As some of you know I work midnights and I sleep sporadically through out the day, and at work I drink GALLONS of Mountain Dew. Well last night was my first night NOT drinking ANY pop. Last night went great. I wasn’t tired, not a single yawn all night. Tonight however is a complete 180. I look Asian. My eyes are barely open. I am yawning every time I even think about talking. If I put my head down I would probably sleep like that Van Winkle dude.

I’m sure once I get about 1 hour from going home I will be WIDE awake, like I just took a hit a blow or something, but until then my ass is dragging.

I’ve quit drinking caffeine before, but because of my love of Jack Daniels and Coke I never succeeded. But now I think I might have the upper hand on this temptress. I only drink beer now so the only way I can fail is if I start drinking hard alcohol again, which I “promised” myself I won’t do since I black out when I drink them.

On another note….Congratulations Barry Bonds on breaking the home run record tonight. I don’t care what people say about you, you’re cool in my book.


11 Responses

  1. Strange coincidence – I’ve decided to give up Coke – the soda, not the vacation – for August, just to see how I feel. The drawback is that I now drink coffee all day long, instead of just all morning. We can just zombie our way through the days together.

  2. Coffee is better for you than Coke…But too much isn’t….

    I think I might compensate for my lake of pop by drinking MORE beer…Sweet delicious beer…Mmmm…

    I’ll zombie the night and you can zombie the day….Heh…

  3. So like why the fuck stop drinking fucking caffine? I mean I agree with your plan to drink more fucking beer and all but why at the expense of something else?

  4. You work Midnights? What do you do man?

  5. You had me on your first line… oh, how I loathe Nickelback.
    And, oh, how I love caffeine. You are a better person that I!

  6. I used to drink Mountain Dew ALL throughout University, when I needed a kick to pull all-nighters, so I could write my crappy-ass essays…about a year into this plan, I found out that Mountain Dew in Canada is caffeine-free by law, wtf? I still got those essays done, but like I said, “crappy-ass”…..

  7. N.A. Hole – It’s hard to fall asleep when you’ve got all of that caffiene running through you….

    Brock – I work for the Law…Heh…I have a desk job…

    Princess – I’ve been stuck listening to the “rock” station on the radio here and they keep playing Nickleback….One of these days I’m going to smash this radio….

    Romi – By law?…Wtf?…Canada is crazy…So is it like diet soda or something?…

  8. Steve what are you doing to yourself, Soda of any sorts is bad all the way around. There is a chemical they use in soda, that actually helps the cause of cancer cells to sprout up in your body.

    Hell you know I am not small, I had to quit drinking 2 2liter a day becuase it wasn’t good for me. I know im not the picture of health such as urself sir, but I mean come on. I get that instant drink mix like Gatorade from Wal*Mart. Shit isn’t half bad, and keeps you pretty awake too.

    Hope you kick this bitch of a habit.

  9. I’m just drinking water now…And beer…

    Cancer?…I don’t want that shit!…

  10. Oh no, it’s not diet at all; it’s still full of sugar and it’ll make you a fat-ass, it just won’t help you stay awake…so what the hell’s the point then? I don’t know how Canada sells ANY Mountain Dew; I bet all the sales come from fat bastards that wanna get fatter…yeah…

  11. Oh man…That is shitty…You might as well drink pee…

    Canada is lame like that…

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