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To Catch a Sicko….

So tonight I watched Dateline’s To Catch A Predator. If you’ve never seen this show basically there is a person who pretends they are an underage girl and then dudes that want to have sex with underage chicks find them in chat rooms, chat with them, and eventually come to a house that is bugged with cameras and shit. Then the magic happens. The dudes go into the house and see an actor who is pretending to be 14 or so. Dudes, talk to this chick then she walks out of the room and Chris Hanson comes in and interrogates these sickos. The guys ages ranged from like early 20’s to like 64.

What makes an old dude think a 14 year old girl (or any girl) would want to sleep with them?

Seriously, what goes through their heads? You really have to be mentally ill to think that some chick that isn’t even old enough to drive is going to want you inside of her.

They all know they would get in trouble if they got caught, yet they still do it.

What the fuck?

I just want to beat the shit out of these clowns. I keep waiting for one time when Chris Hanson finally goes crazy after reading all of these chat transcripts and comes out with baseball bat and just goes to town on the dude’s legs. Or comes out with a shotgun and shoots the dude in the balls like he’s Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction taking care of Zed. You don’t want to kill them, just SEVERELY hurt them. And I would even pay money on Pay Per View to see that shit and I’m sure some of you would too.

This shit is getting old. There has to be something that can be done to stop these guys from preying on little kids. I’m even up for a 1 strike and you’re dead policy. EVERYONE knows that it’s not cool to be fucking around with little kids. If you don’t know or you’re to stupid to get it through your skull then you don’t deserve to live. PERIOD….


17 Responses

  1. So true. Have you seen Hard Candy? If not, you really really should.

    These people are sick, there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. I would totally pay to see them severely punished

  2. I’ve heard of that movie…Is that the one where the girl gets the dude to come over and kills him?…Or something like that?…

    I see a new reality show in the making….

  3. Sorta yeah, it was pretty awesome.

    No kidding, I say we put them on an island then have a real live man hunt

  4. I don’t know if I could stomach that….I’d be WAY to pissed the entire time…

    I think the dude that produced Survior should definitely do this….

    Adam Corrolla had a GREAT idea for a movie….It involved having all the pedophiles on an island (called Pedophile Isle) and a boy scout troop’s plane crashes on the island and they have to escape….

  5. I watch that show all the time, and I ask myself the same questions. What does an over weight, balding, senior citizen think as he goes to a 14 yr old girl’s house? These people are sick. I agree with the Marsellus Wallace idea. I think they should do that to every guy that walks through the door. Gross.

  6. Yeah…I get so pissed every time I see the damn show….But it’s like a train wreck, I can’t look away….

  7. Can you say castration? I watch To Catch all the time and I agree – what the hell are they thinking?! I like the ones that say they had no intention of doing anything, yet they bring condoms, lube, alcohol, duct tape, etc, or the that say they were just going to talk to them and tell them how dangerous what they were doing was. Tell them about the bad guys out there that could hurt them. Please! WTF?! Sickos and I also agree wth the Marsellus Wallace idea!

  8. That show is kinda funny to watch. I saw one that I couldnt stop laughing because a guy was to stupid to understand the words “Get on the ground” The police said it to him 5 or 6 times and he just stood there looking stupid untill one shot him with a stun gun. haha it was so funny.

  9. “King Steve Says:
    Adam Corrolla had a GREAT idea for a movie….It involved having all the pedophiles on an island (called Pedophile Isle) and a boy scout troop’s plane crashes on the island and they have to escape….

    Kinda sounds like a pedophile version of Dawn of the Dead or Resident Evil

  10. Yes, I seen it also..(we watch alot of the same things btw) anyways..so what gets me is the idiots who go on that damn show…that really psst me off and make me wonder just how stupid can one person be? I mean-I hate when they even go as far as to say-I thought this was a set up or I knew this was wrong, I seen this show b4 and I know who you are? Or how about the ones, who not only do it once but, go back for seconds? OMFG! Makes me wanna say everytime to these foo’s-THEN WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU DO IT ANYWAYS, YOU RETARDS??? And also, the fact that some of these jack offs are like doctors, lawyers, school counselors and/or even detectives..I mean, WTF? is wrong with this world? You just never know what idiots are out there lurking about with a family and kids of their own..who are supposed to be looking after, teaching or serving the public and our kids….I guess, it takes all kinds…MORONs

  11. No joke. I’m being serious here. Of ANY type of crime out there I truly think that pedophiles are the worst of the worst. Taking advantage of a young child is where I draw the line. Some people are murderers, crazy people who kill. Some people like to burn things, rob stores, you name it. But in all honesty having sex with children is just fucking wrong.

    What’s even more disturbing though. A lot of girls these days who are 14-16 do NOT look their age. I’m certainly guilty of seeing a VERY attractive girl who was 16, not realizing it and thinking she was hot. Hell I STILL think she’s hot, but it doesn’t mean I’d try and have sex with her.

  12. It’s also possible that the sickos are ACTUALLY fucking looking for chicks (or dudes) that like to pretent to be fucking underage. I mean what the fuck kind of person goes online and “pretends” to be some fucking teeny bopper looking to be bopped by a non-teeny? I think it’s fucked up on both sides of the coin if you ash me.

  13. Forever – I’ve read reports on what castration would do and I don’t even think that would work…It could though, it never hurts to try…

    Jimmy – The stun gun is nothing to fuck around with…Heh…That shit will put ANYONE on their ass…

    Chortegyrl – Yeah, that makes me too….These dudes are so fucked up that even though they think it’s a set up they are willing to do it anyway just incase it’s not….

    Brock – I couldn’t have said it better myself….

    Nahole – They have a group of people (I forgot the name of the group), mostly women, who set up fake accounts and just sit in chat rooms and the creeps find THEM. They don’t activly look for them….

  14. I love how so many of the freaks on “To Catch” are frickin’ brown “fresh off the boat” computer programmers from the Silicon Valley…as a fellow brown person, I’m thinking wtf? I mean obviously there should be NO pedophiles out there, but the reality is, they are out there, so do they HAVE to be frickin’ brown dudes? Those fuckers could be like my uncle from New Delhi! SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT…..Thing is, my peeps from the old country already get a hell of enough flack, about the accent, about the potential body odor….do we really need THIS too? Fucking hell….

  15. Maybe you should have a long sit down meeting with these dudes….Let them know your feelings on them banging young chicks….Heh…

  16. I think I just might, I really think I could help these dudes; I mean one stern-talking-to from yours truly, and maybe I could turn these disgusting-freak-show-jerkface-assholes around…

  17. It’s definitely worth a shot…..You might even meet the man of your dreams while you’re doing it!

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