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Go ahead and beg…

I just read this story on msnbc.com about Judge Shira Scheindlin. Apparently this Judge (I don’t know if it’s a guy or a girl. After Googling the name, it is in fact a chick. And now this ruling makes sense….) decided that panhandling or as I like to call it, BOTHERING THE WORKING CLASS should NOT be banned in New York City. According to the story for 15 years ago some other judge said that this law was unconstitutional….I’m sure the only people that were complaining about it were lazy ass bums.

How about getting a job and getting a pay check like everyone else?

Not only are you lazy but you make our cities look like shit. Who wants to walk through a down town area and get harrassed by someone because they want some of YOUR hard earned money? Not fucking me, I’ll tell you that.

Get a J O B. There are plenty of them out there. Contribute to society like everyone else. If you want to live like a slob do it in your own house or live in the hills like the hippies do.

I’m sure some of you will come up with some excuse for them. Something along the lines of…”They are mentally ill.” Or, “they have an addiction to (name the drug)”

And I would respond with….So? Don’t we have places in this country, in EVERY major city where you can get help for these and many other problems?

You aren’t helping them by giving them spare change. You’re hurting them. You validate them living the way they do. Don’t help people that don’t want to help themselves.


9 Responses

  1. A-Fucking-Men! It drives me nuts!

  2. I hate them….They are a bunch of losers….

    I used to give them money….Now I refuse….I work hard for my money and I’m BROKE…

  3. I feel ya on that. I always did too until I saw the same damn people everyday damn day. What is really sad is half of them have jobs, but do it as a way for more money. They always say they are homeless, but most aren’t.

    Another thing that pisses me off are the bums who have animals with them. How dare they put an innocent animal in their situation.

  4. Yeah…There is an intersection right off the interstate and right next to the mall about 5 minutes from my house where TONS of them hang out….And they hold their signs and shit when the light is red…I just want to run them over….

    The animal thing doesn’t really bother me….Animals are wild after all and can live without money…Plus they don’t beg me for money and food…

  5. i agree that people should help themselves. a major factor in having so many people on the streets has been deinstitutionalization – a bunch of these people really aren’t equipped to take care of themselves but to save money our government closed over half of the facilities that once housed these people saying that they could fend for themselves.

    As a result we’re stuck with a ton of people one the streets that are dealing with addictions and various psychological problems.

    That said, I there is help available – and I think that the majority of these people have grown so used to being dependant on everyone else that they refuse to straighten themselves out.

    Ok, I’m totally contradicting myself. What I’m trying to say is that I understand why so many people are on the streets but I don’t agree with it and I strongly believe that at least 70% of them could be living a much better life if they chose.

  6. 70% of the time it works every time…..Just so you know….

    They don’t even have to beg and shit though….There are charities and all of that availible to them…..

    Grr…These people make me so mad….

  7. I very rarely give money to people on the street. Once in a while, I’ll feel pretty badly and I’ll give someone a buck. When they are very appreciative I feel good about myself. When they’re assholes and follow me and ask for more, I get pissed. Maybe 1 out of 10 beggers isn’t annoying.

  8. This reminds me of that episode from south park. where the bums take over the city asking for change! lol I hate those people they are always by the mall! and they are creepy!

  9. Brock – I know what your sayin….I’d say even less than 1 out of 10….Heh…

    Sarah – I never saw that one….Yeah, those jerks won’t leave you alone…Just wait until the state fair….

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