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I’m back…

I am back from my 10 vacation. ( much needed I might add.) I didn’t do a ton of cool shit like I promised. But I do have some interesting stories. I will share one of which with you now….

On Friday last week there was this “fair” in the county I live in. I say “fair” because it was pretty lame. They did have rides and shit but mostly it was just a stage where a band played and a fenced in tent area with beer. I think it goes without saying that I spent 99% of the time in the beer tent drinking watered down domestic garbage beer. Sitting in the tent at a picnic table my friends and I had a great view of the stage and there was a band playing. They were decent, nothing to write home about.

But then I saw “it.”

I tapped one of my buddies on his shoulder.

“Dude, that chick over there in the pink shirt….Is that…Is that a guy?” I said.

Through his laughter my friend managed to say the words “Yeah, that’s a dude….Or the ugliest chick I’ve ever seen.”

So after confirming with another table (who were laughing just as hard as we were) that this was in-fact a dude we went back to drinking and laughing. Apparently he/she works for the local public access channel and was filming something about this band or the fair or something. Then it happened. This freakshow fair got even more surreal….

The dude/chick had his/her back to us and I noticed a bald spot. Yes, this shim had a bald spot. It was one of the single greatest things I’ve ever seen in my life until I saw what happened next….

She/he pulled out a sock puppet that looked like a dog.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This was one of the craziest things I have EVER in my 22 short years on this planet seen.

A tranny, with a bald spot, with a sock puppet on it’s hand.

The only thing I regret is not getting a picture. Because I don’t thing any of you will believe this, as I wouldn’t have if I didn’t see it first hand..

On another note, I missed blogging and I wrote down a ton of ideas while I was on vacation so I didn’t forget them. I have tons of stuff to say and will be posting at least once a day on my normal schedule….


23 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had a vacation…Met any other chicks who weren’t trannies?
    I just had my own vacation, in my bathtub. mmmmmmmm

  2. I love vacation and didn’t want this one to end….I did meet some other chicks…Heh..And they had vaginas…

    Oh a bathtub vacation?…That is ALWAYS a fun time….

  3. Real vaginas?
    Good job.
    Yes it was a fun time, you have no idea.

  4. Yeah they were real!!….I don’t mess around with those fake vaginas….Heh..

    Yeah, you’re right…I don’t….I’m more of a shower type of guy…And I hate being in there….

  5. Neither do I.
    I could do what I needed to do in the shower, so I had to lay down and take a bath.

  6. couldn’t*

  7. Oooohh….Now that IS a fun time….

  8. I think I need another one.
    Or five.

  9. Hahaha….

    Well for the record, I did set the jerk off in one day record….And I probably set the record for the week too…Heh…I was a “busy” guy…

  10. How many times in one day?
    When I was a teenager, I didn’t count.

  11. Actually I was lying….I didn’t set it….But if I wanted to I probably could…I had to “fight the urge”…heh…

  12. Why fight it?
    Self love is healthy for the soul. And sanity.

  13. Yeah…Until you burn it off with like Indian burns and shit….Heh…

  14. I don’t really get that too much, at least not with it being a one player game. Does it really burn that bad after a while?

  15. Haha…

    I’m sure it would….I’ve never done it enough to have that happen, but I’m sure it would…And I don’t want to be the dude who finds out…

  16. well good lord Steve,
    out of all the ladies you could have met on your much needed vacation~ a shim with baldness monkey love is all you got? whats sup wit dat? LOL~seems like a handsome devil like yourself would have met something much more exciting to share with us.. where’s all the hot, lustful details of your torrid affairs in the night, while drinking your days away? haha~(nah-I just playin with ya) …glad your back my friend..now, tell us the “real”deal bf! 😉 whats really went down on your time away? ttyl cg~;)

  17. Haha…I didn’t actually meet “her”…I just viewed from a distance….

    There were a couple of days during my vacation that I don’t remember because of the mass quanities of alcohol that I consumed….Hopefully soon I will have the details on those to share with you…Heh…

  18. Welcome back sir. Welcome back.

  19. Steve, this is good, I really wish you would have gotten a picture of it becuase I wouldn’t have believed it unless u said it or I saw it first hand.

    Crazy shit has been going down everywhere, I got a video of a girl humping a guy from behind in the middle of the sidewalk. It is craziness. Granted the girl was prob. drunk, and the guy happens to be my NDN’s kid. Still some craziness tho.

    I think I am still a little drunk from the non-stop drinking I was doing this weekend. I still cant really drive, I feel if I do, I might not be all there, so i will prob. be sleeping most of the day.

    Im out.

  20. …you couldn’t even begin to make that up if you tried. ha ha.

  21. Welcome back King,

    Just wanted to see if you wore the palms of your hands down due to the excessive amounts of jerking off you were planning on accomplishing. When you saw that he-she take out a hand puppet that looked like a dog, were you really talking about something else?? Its ok to confy to me King, we all have gay breakdowns. is what you really saw…a vagina dressed like a dick?? If makes you feel any better…I would have looked too,…I would have looked too.

    Its important to keep it real, and here on”Thoughts From The King” we have to tell the truth.

    Welcome back

    thanks for you attn.

    Jimmy James

  22. Were you fully or partially aroused by the sock-puppet weilding tranny?

  23. Brock – Thanks brotha…

    Big Guy – A girl humping a guy?…That’s a little strange….

    Katie – Yeah…I can tell stories, but there is NO way I could even come close to this…

    Jimmy James – My palms are just fine…Heh…The tranny was like a train wreck…No matter how bad I wanted to look away I couldn’t…

    Abarclay12 – I was way to drunk to think about boners….Heh..

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