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I’ll run you over next time….

While I was on vacation I would be driving at night. Normally I do drive at night but much later than I did this past week. What I found was a shock to me. People are out running or jogging or what ever you want to call it at 10pm. It is dark at 915, what the hell are you doing running at 10 for?

Are you people fucking nuts?!

 Do you want me to hit you with my car?!

Get a gym membership if you can’t run during the day when people driving cars MIGHT SEE YOU! Just wearing a white shirt doesn’t mean that people are going to see you.

I swear I almost hit at least 3 a day. And I was only on vacation for 10 days. For those of you that are lazy and don’t want to do simple math, that is 30 people in less than 2 weeks. Insane is the only word for this. It’s like some sort of sick marathon where people pretend to be animals and just run in front of cars in the dark.

I never wanted to run people over so bad in my life. These people are second only to those Lance Armstrong wanna be assholes who ride their damn bicycles in those big ass packs and take up a whole lane of traffic. I hate you, die please.


30 Responses

  1. So so negative!

  2. My mom says the same thing….

  3. I am so afraid of car accidents…

  4. While you’re in the car or while you’re running at night?…

  5. While I’m in a car. I am a constant grabber of the Oh Shit handle. I do not run. My boobs are too big. It hurts

  6. Ahh…

    You running would make a GREAT Youtube video….

  7. Gonna cum film it for me?

  8. Sure thing!….

  9. Yay! Now all my dreams have come true.

  10. Yeah, that’s my other nickname….Steve the dream maker…or something….

  11. Yeah right… I don’t think so…

  12. Pfft…

    It’s true I swear!…

  13. Right…

  14. Ok…You caught me…I was lying…

  15. Damn I am a genius! What do I win?

  16. Umm…An autographed 8×10…..Heh…

  17. Is there a gift reciept?

  18. i almost hit the same guy twice tonight. considered informing him that there are easier, cleaner, ways to commit suicide 😉

  19. Haha…

    You going to return it?….You and I both know an 8×10 of me isn’t worth anything….

  20. Randa – I hate them so much….You should have hit him or at least opened up your door and hit him with that…Baywatch style!…

  21. you’re right, how else are people going to learn? yay violence!

  22. You have teach them some how….Damn jerks…

  23. lmfao. My friend actually swerved around a biker who couldn’t go in a straight line (3 days ago) and flipped the guy off as he was passing.

    Asshole on bike started yelling so my friend stopped and in the amount of time it took him to stop and get outta the car he was met with a fist.

    So, he threw one back… and the other guy ended up in the ER cause he bit through his lip. lol (He drove the guy to the ER lol)

  24. He drove him to the ER?….Pfft…Sissy…I would have left him there on the street….

  25. GOD DAMN HIPPIES AND THEIR RUNNING. What is this world coming to where they must better themselves, at the coolest part of the night. Shame on those sick bastards. I say don’t just hit them, hit them with prejudice. why stop there, we could all start a killing spree. King Steve Spree, killing off innocent bikers, and runners.

    If they join a gym like mine, it stays a cool 75-80 at night as well as the day, way to hot to work out. I need cold air blowing on me. PLUS at night not too many people will see you, so encase your extra fluffy you can get slimmed down to feel good about the fact you own a gym membership, not that it is what I do or anything.

  26. haha, you should have hit them.

  27. You don’t get that problem here in Texas all that often. It’s TOO DAMNED HOTT. Those that can survive are the hardcore runners who know better than to go lolllygagging in the street. Idiots.

  28. Why would you make fun of individuals whose choose to beter themselves using whatever time they have, Some people don’t have the means for a gym membership you ass. AND YOU WANT TO COMMIT MURDER. SHAME TO THE KING…. sike I hate those fuckers as well.

    King, quick question. Are you married??

    thanks for your attn:

    Jimmy James

  29. One time I almost ran over some old lady at a crosswalk; I was turning left and I wasn’t really paying attention…in my defense, she was being super-reckless: I mean WHO carries their groceries home at 3 in the afternoon? Death-wish much???? Also, she was wearing a really long trench-coat in hot humid weather. That pissed me off for some reason, so I felt less bad about almost running her over…

  30. Big Guy – 75 isn’t that bad…Plus doesn’t your gym have fans?…

    Jimmy – If I would have done that, I would be blogging behind bars…

    Allison – It’s been super hot here too…Maybe that’s why they did it….Still not smart…

    Jimmy James – You’ve been reading my blogs for a while now, I make fun of EVERYONE…Heh….And to answer your question, no I’m not married…

    Romi – Yeah, crazy old lady…I bet she even looked both ways first!!

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