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Long over due…

Tomorrow is the first day of my 10 day vacation. I take this week off every year and normally I go up north 3 hours and chill on a lake and drink beer and fish. Well this year I am staying in the cities. I’m not sure what I am doing yet but there will be a lot of sleeping involved. There are a couple of things I have in mind and I will share them with you….

  1. Go on a 10 day bender. Just get completely shit canned for 10 days for no reason other than that I have 10 days off in a row. Eh…Never mind, this will probably happen anyways.
  2. Buy about 5 hookers and just have a huge orgy. And I know what you’re asking and the the answer is yes, I will video tape it. I will be selling copies for $19.99 plus S&H.
  3. Do some volunteer work. HAHA. Just kidding, I would never do that shit. Oh man, I just cracked myself up…
  4. Some mixture of the first two where I get super smashed and bang 5 or 6 hookers, tape it, and this time I don’t pay them and they beat the crap out of me. I am almost positive this will be a youtube gem.

Well there you have it. Hopefully I will have some good stories to tell when I get back from doing nothing. If you have any interesting news stories you want to send me shoot them to me on Myspace (I’m ALWAYS on with my phone.)

And for those of you that might have a mental break down with out my blogs (I’m sure there is someone like that) check out my Blog Roll on the right side of this page. There are some great blogs there that you will definitely enjoy, I know I do.

See ya in 10 days folks….


26 Responses

  1. so ten days of drinking and banging hookers…. 5 or 6 of them?

    be sure to wrap it up…and i’ll take a tape of it. Should be interesting!

    Have a good time!

  2. 5 or 6 at once!…I’m shooting for most watched youtube video ever!

  3. I love how ridiculous those four options are….hilarious. Hookers have aids and stds. You should sleep….that is a no fail option.

  4. Haha…

    Funny thing is that I had sleep as an option and then I deleted it because sleep is NEVER funny…

  5. Sleep can be funny on certain occasions….I mean, if someone does something to some else in their sleep–than it can be very funny.

  6. You’re right…That can be funny. Or if people fall asleep doing things….Like eating….That is ALWAYS funny…

  7. I have not met an adult who fell asleep while eating…I think I would die if I did though. Watching over tired and hungry toddlers attempt to sleep and eat is hilarious….it makes the other crap little kids do tolerable.

  8. I hate little kids….I enjoy watching them do stupid stuff…

  9. *cough* come to Aus *cough*

    You have money!! Or are they going to be really cheap hookers?

    I’m thinking number one is a good idea, but I like the money making aspect of number two. Maybe you could do number one and then go do number three and film that with some of the hookers from number two. Then once someone mistakes you for a pimp and mugs you, you can go straight to number four.

  10. Haha…

    I don’t have a passport…I can’t “legally” get back into my country if I leave…

    Really cheap hookers….I might just pay them with semen…

    Number one is a lock…

    I like how you thought this out more than I did…Heh..

  11. Can you “legally” get out of the country then? Or are we talking stowaway situation here?

    Ha.. you’re such a champ, I bet you’ll get soo much repeat business!

    I take my time off very seriously.. and you should too! 240 hours, yay, I’m so jealous!

  12. I don’t know….But I don’t plan on leaving the good ol’ U S of A anytime soon….

    I’m sure I will…Haha…

    Yeah…I had plans but I just changed them today…I went from doing things for half the week to doing nothing for 10 days….And I couldn’t be happier… 🙂

  13. Dude you forgot jerking off. If I were off for 10 days, I’d most certainly try and set some records.

  14. Good Luck, I have been on a 3-6 month vacation since April, it has been nice. Parties, hookers, Drinking, Sleeping, Sex, it has all been good, I suggest this tho for a 10 day’er.

    Day 1: Sleep as if your life depended on it
    Day 2: Drink as if your life depended on it
    Day 3: Eat something, because u haven’t eaten for two days
    Day 4: Go back to sleep you tired fuck
    Day 5: Kidnap a 18 year old hooker, get her nice and drunks and…
    Day 6: Hide the body
    Day 7: Go back to drinking heavily
    Day 8: Sleep while hiding from police
    Day 9: Wake up in county lock up, with a bottle of Jack
    Day 10: Call work, tell them your Vacation has been extended.

  15. ‘Well this year I am staying in the cities. I’m not sure what I am doing yet but there will be a lot of sleeping involved. ”

    You for got masturbating…haha

  16. Gonna miss ya brother!

  17. LMAO!~oh baby friend!
    YOu lucky bastard! Sounds like a blast!~I wish I were there, I was a hot hooker at your party and I was young again cuz you are a brother that is feelin good about now.


    You earned it!
    (ANd I want to see pics!) 😉 cg~


  19. noooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t leeeeeave me!

  20. Brock – I already hold that record…

    BigGuy – I just printed this off and I will be following it to the T…

    Jimmy – Yeah, I don’t know how I missed that….

    NJB – You can always hit me up on the Myspace….I’ll still be around just not blogging..

    Chortegyrl – I’ll get some pics to ya…Hah…

    Puerto Rican Princess – I’ll save a tape for ya…Heh..

    Melsa – Haha…You can always hit me up on the Myspace….

  21. I agree with Brock on the jerking off – you can always crush your old record. I’m really looking forward to your stories upon your return, and I happen to know some hookers who love to fish, so maybe you can do some sexy fishing or something. Have fun.

  22. Haha…

    I already just today broke my personal best…

  23. My Goodness Steve

    you jerk off alot

    Keep what i said in mind….haha

    don’t waste them on yourself…..seriously.

  24. Ok, I have to say something….given that I worked as a cop in St. Paul for a while I got to know some hookers. There was not a single one that I would give even a 3 out of 10. They are the nastiest piecest of filth that you could meet….and even you are too good for them….I would rather pay someone to shoot me than touch one of them…and to pay for it? GROSS! But then again your standards are pretty low…..

  25. King is a fag! Jerking off, that is so gay. Jimmy james doesnt jerk off. He puts his clothes away in the right drawer at night. I hope you are having a good time on vaca you ass while the rest of us have to work and not jerk off. King steve I commend you on how prompt you are in returning everyone’s comments, you run a smooth blog and it keeps me coming back to see what the fuck you are complaining about now, even though it infuriates me that all you do is complain……and now jerk off, but thats beside the point. I belive you have quite a future my friend and I wish you the best. That being said man, you’re still a huge queer.

    Mad Love for the King. Thanks for your attention,

    jimmy James

  26. Jimmy James – If jerking off is gay then I’m the gayest dude on the planet…Haha..

    Btw…This comment made me laugh for like 5 minutes….

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