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Parents!…Don’t ruin this for me!…

I just read half of this story… ( here ) I only read half because I got bored and angry at the same time…

The gist of the story is that rich ass people are bringing their little kids to the spa and letting them get massages.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Let your kids grow up awkward like the rest of us had to. This is not looking good for my chances of hooking up with one of these rich ass chicks when they turn 18. They are going to be WAY to high maintenance. I don’t deal with that. I guess if they want to make their parents mad they could bring me home for dinner. And as long as I’m getting some free shit and some crazy wild sex I’d be down. But other than that these parents are just ruining mine and other “normal” guy’s chances with their daughters….Jerks.

There are other reasons, just so you know I’m not totally selfish. Where are we going to get porn stars, strippers, and high class escorts if all of these chicks don’t have low self esteem? By making these chicks feel good about themselves growing up there is no way they are going to want to degrade themselves for our (my) pleasure. This needs to be stopped!

In unrelated news I will be taking a vacation starting Thursday. I will be relaxing for about a week and two days. Hopefully I will have some fun stories. And if not from then, I will probably have some from my birthday which is on the 31st….Maybe tomorrow I will tell a tale from last year’s birthday bar extravaganza and strip club visit…


18 Responses

  1. i still have low self-esteem stever. you’ll always have me.

  2. This is an OUTRAGE.

  3. Melsa – Well thank God for that!!

  4. NJB – I know…You should feel even worse because these chicks are closer to your age…

  5. What would you do without me?

  6. Masturbate…. 😉

  7. i said WITHOUT, not WITH.

  8. Now that you mention it, I know exactly what you mean!

  9. Melsa – Hmm…I guess either way I’m pounding one out it’s just easier if you’re around…

  10. NJB – Yeah….I don’t even want to see what strippers look like in 10 years….

  11. Hopefully i’ll be murdered before then…

  12. Haha….In 10 years?…Man, that’s a harsh life. You could always just keep the old images in your spank bank like I plan on doing…

  13. spoiled people suck. Other persoanlity traits come with “high maintnence” if you know what I mean. You don’t want to bang those bitches anyways.

  14. Damn them…

  15. Oh well, at least the girl won’t start bugging YOU for a massage…it could be worse. If my girls told me thay wanted to go to the spa for their birthday I might just have to laugh in their face… i am a horrible person… whatever happened to Chuckie Cheeze!?!?

    Happy almost Birthday!

  16. Kids in Spas huh? Have you ever seen a kid on a leash? That could make me more angry than perhaps anything in the entire world. I’d love to rip it off the kid, attach it to the parent and drag them across any pavement that is nearby. Unfuckingbelievable the world we live in.

  17. Spas are the fertile breeding ground for children with moisturized skin. Next thing we’ll hear is how pedophiles are getting more massages and facials. That is messed up.

    Happy B-day.

  18. Christine – I want to bang ALL bitches…

    Jimmy – Yeah man….These are less chicks in the world for us now…

    Allison – You aren’t as bad as me so you can feel good about that….And thanks for the pre b – day wishes..

    Brock – Kids on leashes is the GREATEST THING EVER! Keeps those little bastards in check…

    Abarclay12 – LMAO!…I’m sure that is the next step…..Thanks for the b-day wishes..

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