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You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…

Fireworks are over-rated. Yep, I said it. OVER-RATED. I haven’t went out and watched fireworks for probably 3 years and it doesn’t bother me at all. They all look the same to me but with different colors.



I’d rather sit in a dark room and have someone punch me in the face. At least then I would be surprised by the flashes of color.

The only reason I would watch fireworks is to see if one of them malfunctioned and went into the crowd and blew up.

Speaking of people being killed by fireworks…I read a story the day before the 4th about some lady who was trying to shoot off commercial grade fireworks in front of her husband, kid, and some friends. She obviously wasn’t a pro because she got hit and died.

Couple comments….Why was the woman lighting the fireworks? EVERYONE knows that’s the man’s job. Why were these people lighting off crazy ass fireworks on July 3? Where did they get these things? (Seriously, where did they get them?…I want some…)

Do you like fireworks? Did you go out on the 4th and watch them or do you light them off yourself?


20 Responses

  1. Our neighbors hit my sisters truck with a falling bottle rocket.

  2. Fun times…Did you shoot Roman Candles at them?

  3. I didnt pop any. I dont wanna celebrate today.

  4. I did go out and watch them. BUT I also did something you’d be very proud of me for man.

  5. Jimmy – I drank some beers this morning to celebrate me having beer…. 🙂

  6. NJB – Did you do it under the fireworks?…That is the only time I’d “watch” them…Haha..

  7. Well kinda, i got 2 hummers and had sex tonight, with 3 different girls.

    And one of the afterthoughts was “I wish I could blog this….”

  8. I’m proud of you grasshopper….

  9. Thank you man.

    That grasshopper thing’s gonna stick isn’t it lol.

  10. Yeah…It definitely is…Haha..

  11. I went out and watched fireworks…got a problem with it?

  12. No…If you enjoy being bored that is you’re problem…

  13. I did go and watch the fireworks tonight. Itrained all day long and we weren’t sure they were even going to do them. My daughter is 8 ands she loves them. So the funny thing is, while I was watchinmg them I was thinking to myself…”OMG How lame are these fireworks?”

  14. I wish it would have rained here so people on the interstate would have driven faster instead of watching the damn things….

    Haha…It’s ok for 8 year olds to like them…

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that fireworks are lame..

  15. Fireworks, a little gay in my opinion. Plus, when they last more than 5 minutes, I mean, is there anything else to see? How about getting with technology a little? Shoot off a two girls tonguing firework and I’m all about it.

  16. If they made a firework that did that…I’d PAY to see them…

  17. I agree with fireworks being lame. And yeah, wtf with the lady setting off fireworks on July 3rd?? Her man didn’t step up to the plate, so she got her bits blown off. I also don’t go watching fireworks because while you’re gone, people steal your dog. Anyhow, good blog.

  18. fireworks generally are a letdown

    only once have I been wowed by them and that was when I was a kid.

    Maybe if they started blowing up stuff instead it would be more interesting.

  19. Abarclay – People steal your dog?….What the hell?…That is a blog in it’s self…

  20. Cuzgoogle – Exactly….Like when they blow up buildings…

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