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Lady, are you a dude?…

This afternoon I went to my favorite fast food joint, Subway. For some reason there was a huge line. So as I was standing in line I noticed a person in front of me….

Was it a dude?….He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Had tats on his legs. Had hair that rivaled Eric Estrada in Chips. Plus he was pretty tall….On the other hand…

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Was it a chick?….She was with a guy, and the were standing pretty close. She did have some pretty girlie looking earrings on….

( I did try to get a picture of the elusive “shim” but my phone died as I turned the camera on…)

It was a tough call until I heard it speak……Definitely a woman. A woman that looks EXACTLY like a guy.

So that brings up the question….Who was the guy with her?

Was it her husband/boyfriend? — How/why would marry or even date a chick that looks just like a guy? Are you actually gay but decided not to take the jump to penis yet?

Was it her brother or something? — That would kind of make sense except for the fact that they were touching hands and standing all close to each other…Bleh

Was it a friend or workmate? — I hope and pray that this is the answer…


20 Responses

  1. You write about the most interesting things! I guess this one will remain a mystery…..

  2. Haha…I had to write this idea down…I went home and passed out afterwards…

    I’m sure it was a chick…But who was that guy!!…

    I wish I would have gotten a picture….

  3. I like that she (??) was wearing an Aloha shirt in Minnesota…represent. Too funny.

    But, you know what you could have done?? Asked them a question..any question and you would have probably figured it out.

  4. Haha…Yeah, that threw me off….It is pretty hot here so maybe they were on vacation?..

    I try not to talk to people when I’m in line anywhere…What if they are a bigger creep than me?…Then I’m stuck talking to them…No thanks!

  5. Yeah…Minnesota would be the most random place to vacation at. But…maybe if you talked to more people you would confirm weird things that you write about in your blogs.

    I hope you are forced into an awkward conversation with someone creepier than you. you should then write about it and make me laugh at my accurate and awesome prediction.

  6. We have a lot of lakes and shit….Minnesota isn’t that bad of a place…

    There is no way I’m talking to half the people I see…I’d rather have an elephant take a shit on me…

    Hmm….I could do that….I also have a few stories about a friend of mine who is hooked on dope…He’s said some pretty weird shit…

  7. No, I didn’t say Minnesota was bad….just random and I tend to like most things random. But, I have to say, I love the hyperbole with the elephant…very nice but, I have doubts that it is a complete exaggeration.

  8. Well it’s pretty cool here…in the summer….

    Honestly, I would rather have an elephant drop a duece on me….As long as it’s not diarrhea (or however you spell it)…Have you seen some of the creepy scumbags walking around?…

  9. I do, occasionally. Sometimes they actually talk to me which I find pretty irritating. But…at least its cause for a good story.

  10. Hahaha…I would make for good blogs…But I don’t know how much torture I want to put myself through for a good story…

  11. When you live on an island where there is nothing better to talk about, you would.

  12. Touche’

    I guess I’m glad I live on “the main land” then…heh…

  13. yeah…you should be. Next time a creepy old guy hits on me I’ll tell you about it.

  14. Awesome!…I can hardley wait!…

  15. The Pat syndrome. I’m not really scared or freaked out by too many types of people but one type is the “not sure if it’s a guy or a girl” type. That and guys that look like chicks.

  16. Yeah…Man it’s weird…Do they know that they look like that?…Because if they do what the hell is wrong with them?…

  17. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. I mean, how to mannish women get dudes? Most likely she was with a man who isn’t sure if he’s gay or not, so he has the best of both worlds.

  18. Yeah…That is one the only theories that make sense….

  19. Maybe they were BOTH chicks and one was just better at looking like a guy….. Did they have mullets?????

  20. Haha…The guy had a beard…

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