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Don’t buy that!…

It’s not very common here in Minnesota but I see it occasionally. I’m talking about the guy on the side of the road in a parking lot with a shit ton of coolers full of seafood. This guy never looks clean. He’s always wearing a shirt with stains all over it and it’s usually of a sports team that either sucks or is no longer playing. And they ALWAYS have a dirty grungy looking hat on.

Where is this guy getting all of this seafood? I don’t know if you know this or not but Minnesota is land locked. We are not connected to the ocean. We don’t have shrimp swimming in our lakes. Tuna isn’t something we can just go out and catch. Does this stuff just “fall off of a truck?” Does he find it when he just happens to have 15 coolers and decides “geeze, I’m sure someone would want all of this shrimp.”?

Who is buying this crap? I have NEVER as I was driving down home needed seafood so bad or so cheap that I needed to stop in the parking lot of a gas station to buy some. I guess if you really wanted food poisoning eating this food would be a good idea, other than that not so much. If I ever want some shrimp or any other seafood I will just go to the grocery store or some other reputable fish dealer to get it, not to some dirty looking dude in the parking lot of a gas station holding a sign that looks like a child made it.


25 Responses

  1. I’ve actually never seen one of those in Ohio.

  2. Never seen it

  3. NJB – Well that’s because you live in Ohio…..

  4. Amanda – What the hell is wrong with you people…..I see these damn people like once a week here….Maybe I’ll send them to where you guys live….

  5. Sounds kinda fishy…

    Man…I don’t know if I can forgive myself for that one.

  6. HAHA

  7. Cavepimp – HEEEEYYY OOOOHHH!

  8. Could you get me some seafood for my husband? Just mail it to me….snail mail……

  9. Yeah….I’ll hook you up tomorrow…

  10. I have seen these idiots before, they were parked all day once in front of a “Dunkin Donuts”. They didn’t even have the means of keeping it cold, and it was like 98 degrees out that day. Just driving past the Dunkin donuts made me wanna hurl from the smell! I go to a fresh fish store to buy mine. I Really love fish when it’s broiled or grilled and cooked just right! Man there’s nothing better! 🙂 And of course I have to have my OV Splits! ON ICE! I like them because they’re small and stay ice cold til the end! WHEW! I had drank almost a case of those before I even ate that day, it was so hot. Then the buzz hit me in the back of the head all at once! That was a good day, I had my daughter cook the fish, sobered-up and drank some-more! What a day, I’m going to do that again next week for my b-day 🙂 Now that I think about it, I may do it today! Why wait? LOL!

  11. Yeah you never see them on days when it’s cooler outside…They come out when it’s 85 and above….

    I don’t know what OV Splits are but I’m assuming they are some sort of booze…Heh…

    I’m more of a Crown Royal and Sierra Mist fan….And I will be drinking one here in a few hours…

  12. lol I see one of these every day on my way home…

  13. You ever see anyone buying any of that crap?…

  14. Yea a couple times. I laugh at them. lol Idiots…

  15. What can be said that hasn’t already?

    Next time I am in W.Va. I will take a pic of a Honda Dealer…Thats right this bike shop has lots open in the front for people to rent out so whoever has something to sell can post it there. I however never see alot of traffic into the Honda dealership.

  16. There are people around here that do that. This one man sells Jumbo shrip for 25 dollars a bag.

  17. Wow, coolers with Seafood? That’s a first. I live in NY and I’m pretty sure someone pulling that off would….well wouldn’t pull it off.

  18. Old Vienna Splits..Yes! It’s a 9 ounce pretty power-packed great tasting beer. I’m more of a vodka girl, but had to cut down when I started dancing on the floor by myself! And wouldn’t stop! 😉

  19. Corki – Eh…I’m sure they got sick 2 minutes after buying that garbage….

  20. BigGuy – That shit is just strange…But I guess they make money off of it….

  21. Brock – I’m sure they have that shit on Canary st…Or whatever it’s called…Heh..

  22. Ann – That shit just sounds gross…Heh…

  23. WE have those guys here in Halifax and it is actually considered the best way to get your seafood. It is right out of the ocean.

  24. Hmm…I could see if it’s near the ocean and all of that….But we don’t have an ocean anywhere near us…

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