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The last couple of days I watched TONS of golf. As I was watching I noticed two things.

One – Golf is probably the easiest thing on TV to watch. There is ZERO thinking involved. You can watch it for hours or watch it for just a few minutes and you can know exactly what’s going on. I love it. Maybe it’s my ADD or maybe I am actually semi-retarded. Either way, I love watching golf. They feed you stats on the golfers just when you need them. They announcers are calm and personable and don’t over emphasize any one point. It’s a very calming thing to watch. And there are TONS of different story lines and all kinds of different people to cheer for. Plus it looks pretty fucking awesome in HD.

Two – What the hell is with the one guy who ALWAYS yells after a shot? I mean as soon as the ball is hit some d-bag yells “GET IN THE HOLE!!” or something else. Why? Does that help anyone? Why do the people standing around this guy not punch him right in the mouth? This really needs to be stopped. It is the only thing that I hate about watching golf…


22 Responses

  1. Television golf is easy to watch. The back of my own eyelids are also easy to watch. I don’t judge entertainment by how simple it is to watch, I judge it by how hard it is to tear myself away from. If I can get up, get something to eat, make a few phone calls, take a nap, re-organize my mp3 library and read half a book while the game is on, it’s not its job of keeping my entertained.

    Incidentally, I don’t think you have ADD at all. If you can stay focused on golf, you must have incredible powers of concentration.

  2. I actually did take a nap while watching golf today…Heh…But I was up all night drinking and only got a few hours of sleep….

    I like to do other things while I have the tv on, which is why golf is one of the great things to watch. I don’t feel like I missed anything if I get up for a few minutes…

  3. I hate watching golf. it is so boring.

  4. You’re boring Jim….VERY boring….Heh..

  5. The most boring sport on the planet.

  6. Oh my….

    Darts is way more boring….

  7. Not if you’re playing. But golf is both boring to play and watch–unless you are driving the golf cart.

  8. Golf is fun to play!!…

  9. It lacks excitment.

  10. I disagree….

    It’s a game of skill…

  11. Yes…it definitly is a game of skill….a skill that I lack horribly–but besides that, its such a slow game.

  12. Haha…I’m not that good either, but it’s fun to try….


  13. It is still slow. Soccer and basketball are more stimulating. Concentrating is really great…and I have to admire people like Tiger (who got his ass kicked) but…its almost requires too much thinking.

  14. I love watching soccer….

  15. Me too…but I enjoy playing it more.

  16. Yeah it’s fun to play….

    I don’t think I’m in shape enough to last like those dudes though….I’d keel over and die…Heh..

  17. I wathced golf for three hours on father’s Day. My brother-in-law and my Dad actually cheered a couple times. I couldn’t believe that they actually cared…. Let’s go play Princess Steve, add Norm and his brother and we can play 18…

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever cheered…Haha…

    I don’t have any clubs…..

  19. Borrow some. I bet you could figure out a way. just do it before Norm gets back from fishing.

  20. I could probably borrow my dad’s clubs….

    What course do you usually play?…

  21. I have not played in a year or two…but there is a course right between my house and Norms….where you would eventually find a bed in the basement!

  22. Haha…

    Sounds like a plan…If I can get some clubs I’m down to play…

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