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Keep the amusement….I’ll take the park..

What is your biggest fear when you step on a roller coaster?

Other than the car flying off the track I’m guessing it’s probably getting stuck upside down. And that is exactly what happened to people in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

That is why I don’t go on roller coasters. That, and because there is nothing exciting about them to me. All you do is go super fast on a track with bugs smashing you in the face (or a bird in Fabio’s case.). No thanks, you can keep your damn roller coasters. I’ll just sit and watch all of you chumps pick gnats out of your teeth.

Last year ( I think )  at an amusement park by me in Minnesota a car flew off the track. And I’m sure people were lined up waiting for that ride to be fixed. People are a bunch of idiots.

I’ve never seen the appeal of sitting in a bullet shaped hull with little to no padding and inadequate seat belts and being vaulted at speeds around 70mph. Shooting through dark tunnels and being flung around loops has never been my thing either.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going fast. I drive fast in my car where ever I go. I just like to be in control of my own life. I like to know that I can stop the car. I don’t trust anyone by myself.

Plus have you ever seen the people who run these rides? There are 2 types of people who have control of your life until the ride comes to a complete stop.

The first person is a dirty pedophile looking guy. I wouldn’t trust this guy around little kids or pets for that matter, why would I allow him to have control of my life?

The second person is a kid that is fresh out of, or still in, high school. This kid is going to be pushing buttons that could potentially kill me? Oh hell no. Count me out. I’m sure he’s a nice kid, but when his biggest concerns other than my life are popping pimples I don’t think I want him with his greasy finger on the button.

Do you like amusement parks? Or are you like me and you’d rather just stare at all the fools waiting in line to potentially die?…


42 Responses

  1. Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. One time I was on the “Flying Squirell” This roller coaster where I live in Minnesota, and the car I was in flew right off the track killing everybody in my car except me, and an innocent hot dog vendor. But, I got right back on and took another ride.

  2. You’re losing your touch Norm…

  3. I love amusement parks.

  4. Amusement parks = OVER RATED….

  5. King Steve = OVER Rated 🙂

  6. That is FALSE!!!

  7. I only speak the truth

  8. Except for when you are LYING!!..

  9. I would never lie…. No way Jose

  10. Don’t call me Jose…

    My name is Steve… 😉

  11. That’s not what you asked me to call you last night

  12. Shhhhhh!!…

    Those are secrets!!…

  13. So I shouldn’t have sold the video then?

  14. ….

    I want half the money damnit!!…

    I did all the work!

  15. I used to like the water rides but I haven’t been to an amusement park in years….. I would be fine if I live the rest of my life never getting on another roller coaster either!

  16. OH… and you were shown some nice props in my blog comments today!

  17. Ouch… Well at least I was the good one

  18. This blog totally reminds my of Basic Instinct…you know that movie where that kid has all those premonitions about her boyfriend getting on the rollercoaster and it flies off the track killing everybody. No wait, that’s Final Destination 3…but Basic Instinct was still just as scary what with seeing Sharon Stone’s hooch and everything.

  19. Gabbi – I like the water rides….They are nice and mellow….

    I will have to check out your blog when I have a chance…

  20. Amanda -…Yeah, sorry is was so quick… 😡

  21. Katie – Haha…Nothing wrong with seeing a little cooch in a movie!…Even if it is Sharon Stone’s….

  22. It’s cool… I took care of myself… I’m kind of selfish like that

  23. So they can see your cooch Steve?

  24. Must have been after I fell asleep because you didn’t do it in front of me….

    My cooch?…Nope….

  25. Well considering you fell asleep about 30 seconds afterwards….

  26. I was tired from all of that work…. 🙂

  27. Well, I didn’t exactly have the time to get any work in remember…

  28. That’s not my fault!!!….You should have went faster…

  29. Sorry, but 4 seconds and 7 pumps just isn’t enough time for me

  30. Better start training….

  31. Haha, that’s okay. I’ll just find someone new. I mean I was only using you for the sex…

  32. ….This always happens to me….

    …Now I’m depressed again….

  33. You’ll live

  34. Yeah…You’re right….

    I’ll just pay the next girl more…

    HEY OHHH!!!…..

  35. i love amusement parks…always have, always will…especially the roller coaster…met my daughters dad at a carnival, he ran a game…carnivals are bad…they slap the rides together and rig them up if parts dont fit or are missing…never go on carnival rides!!!
    permanent rides are usually much safer…;)

  36. Your kids dad was a carnie?…..

    I’m not even saying anything…

    NONE of those rides are safe….

  37. not my current husband…my daughters dad…and he really wasnt a carnie per say, he ran a game both…those are such big rip offs!!! never play the games!!!!
    i was the carnival baby sitter…lmao!!!

  38. http://pressposts.com/Blogging/Keep-amusement-Ill-take-park–/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “Keep the amusement?.I?ll take the park..”

  39. A carnie is a carnie….Heh….

    I never play those things…..I know they are a scam…Plus, I don’t need any stuffed animals…Heh…

  40. Your picture is retarded. And you are a dork.

  41. …You hurt my feelings Reed…

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