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Bad news for my favorite drug….

My favorite drug is going to be under the microscope in the coming days for the death of a 17 year old track star. According to this storysaid track star “over dosed” on methyl salicylate the active ingredient in Ben Gay and IcyHot.

IcyHot is my favorite drug. I love it. If I have an ounce or 40 of pain in my body I will use this stuff. I’m almost positive that Jesus invented it.

It is sad that this girl died but from what I’m hearing (reading) this chick basically took IcyHot baths. Not good. She is (apparently) a good runner, but doesn’t seem that smart. Anyone who lathers themselves up in IcyHot or any similar sports cream like it’s sun tan lotion and their going to the beach is retarded. PERIOD.

I just hope that there isn’t a lawsuit in all of this. I’m really sick of retarded people and the families of retarded people being rewarded for retarded activity. How about rewarding people that aren’t complete stooges? Don’t give people who smoke settlements. Don’t give people who spill coffee on their vags’ money. Don’t do any of this. This countries stupid ass judges/legal system is ruining life as we know it. You can barely cross the street anymore with out being sued. And if you cross in front of someone who is eating a sandwich while their driving and they have to hit the breaks because of you and spill mustard on their shirt, guess what…You’re being sued….

 Well I kind of went off topic there for a second but either way. Moral of the story…..Don’t use anything in excess. And if you do, it’s your own fault if you get hurt…


25 Responses

  1. I dislike IcyHot. I used once when my knee was hurting after a day of running, and the next morning my knee was near the size of a vollyball—so distgusting.

    There is corruption anywhere there is civilization. The legal system is here for a purpose, and does have good intentions. It just that there are so many damned idiots in the world.


    Good intentions only work if you actually use them….You can say you have good intentions and then do a whole bunch of bad shit…Doesn’t make it right…

  3. I think they (good intentions) are used, you just never see it because its never publicized. And its never publicised because it shouldn’t be surprising–its how the system works at least most of the time.

    Icyhot smells really awkward. I prefer vix if I have any muscle cramps. I don’t like the swelling aspect of Icyhot.

  4. Speaking of Retarded people doing retarded things, I must be for reading this stupid shit every night. Why don’t you cover your fat face with Icy hot, maybe it will burn it off.

  5. Hahaa…

    My face isn’t fat!!!…

  6. Good Comeback Tard

  7. Yeah…When things go right nothing is said…But if things go wrong we hear about it for MONTHS…

    I love the smell of IcyHot….I’d wear it like colonge but I don’t want to look like more of a weirdo than I already am…

  8. You would smell really awkward, and not to mention, creepy. But, hey, I’m sure some women are into that kind of thing.

    I really hate the media for that, for only publicising negative things. I am so tired of watching the news and not hearing about anything really nice, or wonderful. But, nice and wonderful just doesn’t seem to cut it now days.

  9. Yeah no kiddin, everyone heard about you for months after you were born, ass

  10. The news is such a downer…I don’t even know why I watch it….

  11. Norm…I’m going to kick your ass….


  12. I only watch the news for 1 reason, LEAH.


  14. That’s why I watch it too…..

    I’m not fat!!…

  15. AMEN! brother Steve…I totally agree that the world is full of ” lazy I don’t wanna work-I’d rather sue you for my keep in this world” kind of losers. . and yes, icy Hot is the shit. my son uses it for his sports also. football and that batting arm of his. I love it too!~ of course, I’m sure I wouldn’t go bathe in it though. and the news does suck. It suckers us all in to watching it, one fucked up soul or event at a time. Damn it! :{

    when will we ever learn? ha!

  16. I blame hippies….

    IcyHot is the best thing on this planet…Next to Subway and vaginas….

  17. hey, I’m a hippie.. at least i was back in the 70’s. ha~
    so does it make me your friend anyways?
    REMEMBER>>> dont’ hate cuz I’m groovy man..lol~
    good nite friend.. 🙂 cg~

  18. Haha…

    As long as you aren’t a hippie now….I freaking HATE hippies…

  19. well no i’m not hippie as far as the extreme of it..like peace man or flowerpower~but, I was born in the 60’s..and I love the classic rock jams; but, that’s about as far as I go…..btw, is there a blog about that with you? i noticed b4 that you have a strong distaste for hippies.. what up with that anyways?

    of course, maybe I don’t really want to or need to know..just asking..
    that can be in another blog..to share with your public ..lata~ nite steve..

  20. I like classic rock…I’m listening to The Guess Who right now…

    Hippies are dirty, no good, jobless losers….Get a job freakin hippies!…

    Also I REALLY hate tiedye….Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen….It’s just above Zuba pants and the snap braclets…

  21. Hey Sweetie… I got some nice soothing lotion I can rub all over your body that will make you feel good!

  22. Haha…

    Sounds good to me…

  23. Whatever you do…don’t rub it on, then scratch your eye.

    I should have sued. Oh wait…I CAN read.

    I guess I just can’t follow directions.

    You got to give it to the girl, though, she mst have been a trooper. She was obviously in pain but kept on going. Eh, sometimes we don’t use our best judgement, especially when we are in pain. I remeber this one time I had a massive hangover and I though, hell, if 1 tylenol is good, 5 tylenol must be 5 times better! I probably have a sizzling ulcer now. *thumbing through the Yellow Pages*

  24. Hey, can we keep this fricking page PG13. Gabbi you dont want to rub the king down. King you may want to becareful, because that lotion may kill you. You better have her rub me down first, just to make sure its safe. Also king, I personally know Norm… although he doesnt know me. I am going to rough him up a bit for you ok..

    Thanks for your attn.

    Jimmy James

  25. I saw this story on the news today and a “doctor” said she had about the equvilent (spelling) of 19 or so asprins in her….

    There is no reason to be using that much…She was over working her body….

    I always wash my hands after I use it…heh…Thanks for the warning though…

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