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All good things come to an end….Or so I’ve heard..

Bob Barker has taped his last show. Don’t cry old ladies who watch the show every day. Don’t fret kids who watch the show when you are sick. Don’t drown you kids in the bathtub stay at home moms. You all will still be able to watch Bob and the Price is Right until June 15. Then they will have a new host and you can love the new host, but just not as much as Bob.

I remember watching The Price is Right when I would be home from school sick, or on a snow day. Back in the day, which was a wednsday by the way, that show ruled. And it ruled for many different reasons.

Reason 1 – Bob Barker. The dude was awesome. What can you say about the man that hasn’t already been said? He is the best presure putter in the game. And his “beauties” OH MAN, the dude banged em’ all. Bob Barker knows how to party.

Reason 2Plinko. Hands down, with out a doubt the BEST GAME EVER! I’ve seen people almost piss their pants when they hear they are going to be playing plinko. How can you not like a game that brings that much joy to people?

Reason 3That big fucking wheel. By far the single best idea in game show history. Seeing a person’s face when they go over $1 by 5 cents in priceless.

Reason 4 – The show case showdown, or as I call it “one good prize and a bunch of shitty ones.” Never have I seen more than one good prize on there at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take all of that shit but it’s not something I’d expect on a game show. I mean, who goes to a game show expecting to get new silverware, a set of Alf pogs, and a brand new 2008 Dodge Charger? Not me….

Reason 5 – Waking up, meeting some friends at the bar, grabing a few drinks and gambling. What is better than gambling at 10am? Other than a morning knobber nothing comes to mind.

I’m going to miss you Bob, you maniac you….


12 Responses

  1. What the Fuck do you know about Bob Barker you Fuck Stick

  2. How would u know? your not even old enough to drink yah fuckstick…grow up. that show was on before you were a spermy….get a life, instead of posting your stupid thoughts that no human gives a shit about. A monkey would not even blink an eye at the stupid shit u write about…go play dungeons and dragons and stay off the computer while your working. by the way…instead of doing your blog get a dictionary and start learning how to spell…

  3. Norm – Don’t make me kill you…

  4. M A Bennett – Don’t make me make Norm slap you….

    Monkeys LOVE my blog….

  5. Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, enough said.

  6. Haha…Yeah..

    The price is wrong bitch!..

  7. I have never enjoyed that show. I don’t know why. I have always just felt really embarrassed for the people on it. I kind of wished they could go on a more exciting game show.

  8. Haha..

    The people on the show are mostly insane….But that’s what makes the show great…


  10. Thanks for the support Norm…

  11. Norm, you obviously have no sense of humor …although “Ass” IS my favorite expletive.

    My favorite game is that one where the Yodeler hikes up that mountain. HA!

    …and God help whoever gets stuck with the first showcase…

  12. Haha…That game is funny…I like when he falls off the edge…

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