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You’re not a cop…Ditch the car….

As I was speeding down the interstate this morning going about 15 over the posted speed I had to do a speed check.

Was it a cop?

Nope. It was just some douche with an old cop car or a car similar to one and they put the spot light on the side mirror.

Why would someone have a spot light on their mirror that they will never use?

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe they think that since they have a “cop car” they will get out of tickets, or maybe they really want to be a cop but are too stupid to go to school and actually become one. Either way I hate these people.

I like cops and have no problems with them. But I like to know where they are when I’m speeding down the damn road. And when you have fucking idiots driving cars that look like cop cars it just pisses me off.

Take the god damn spot light off of your car you douche. You aren’t using it. And if you are using it you’re a jackass.

So get the hell off of the roads with your fake ass police cruiser and kill yourself, thanks.


36 Responses

  1. so young, so angry

    we need to find a way for you to relieve that tension.

  2. I usually use alcohol… 🙂

  3. k so… that one went over your head. lol

  4. I knew where you were going with that…

    I could use a bj too…

  5. excellent.

  6. Yeah…

    I’ve never been one to turn down sex…

  7. i’ve never been one to have sex!

    but i guess there’s a first time for everything

  8. Well maybe you should start!!..

  9. working on it… not really lol

  10. haha…

    You could always buy a male hooker…Or something…

  11. yeah, with all of that money i have.

    nah im a hopeless romantic. im being silly and waiting for love.

  12. Romance is dead….

    It’s all about one night stands…At least that’s what I’ve been told… 😉

  13. oh well in that case, maybe i’ll take this guy up on his offer that just messaged me. “hey there, i’m on my friends myspace and i saw you’re in my area and you’re super hot. any chance ud wanna meet up tonight? im bored. i can send u my pics if ur interested ”

    think i have a chance?

  14. That guys sounds SUPER CLASSY…If I was you I’d hook up for sure…

  15. i know, doesn’t even have his own myspace

    what do you think he does all day?

  16. It takes like 1 minute to set up a Myspace account…

    Probably trolls for underage girls/boys in chat rooms. I’m sure we’ll see this guy on Dateline’s To Catch a Predator series soon…

  17. i should’ve asked for his pics, huh?

  18. Yeah…I’m sure they were just pics of him and family…NOTHING involving his junk….

  19. that would’ve been great for me to have saved on my family’s computer.

  20. Yeah…You could probably put them as your screen saver…

  21. oh the opportunities missed.

    i gotta go, should probably sleep. i have an eye appointment in the morning and i don’t want to look like the death zombie of… death.

  22. Shucks…Maybe next time….

    I hate the eye doctor…

    Zombies are AWESOME!!…

  23. i’ve never been to the eye doctor. but i have to get glasses.

    here’s to hoping i happen to be one of the chicks who looks super sexy in glasses.

  24. Haha…Well you could just get contacts…

  25. i dont’ put stuff in my eyes.

  26. Pfft…

    Get that lasik surgery then…

    They just shoot lasers into your eye or whatever…

    Lasers are always fun!

  27. i think i may have laser radiation from playing iwth my laser pointer pen too much.

    i don’t want lasers in my eyes. how scary does that sound. k. bed time.

    ttyl sexy.

  28. I want lasers to shoot from my eyes…I think that would friggin sweet!

  29. King, I see the way your trying to play melsa. And speaking for my self, whome which I am half man and half woman, I find myself in a state of erotica after reading your comments. Does this happen to you often. Sometimes we all need a little craziness. I been seeing your pictures on the my space. And I like your mustache. Thanks you for listening

  30. dude lmfao….i don’t even know what to day to you today. dang! lol About your blog AND above comments lol…why aren’t you posting this shit on myspace…i hate hunting you down over here!

  31. okay, so I can spell…say….is what i meant to type…i don’t know what to say to you today…geez i suck.

  32. Bobby – That’s just how I roll….Some times I carry an umbrella around with me to shield me from all the pussy. 🙂

    My stache’ is friggin awesome…That’s where I gain all my strength…

  33. Christine – I’m not hard to find here…

    I post them here since I can’t get on Myspace where I’m at…

  34. HAHA. That might be the funniest shit I ever heard. You dirty devil. Bobby like Kingy. Christine, I already love this girl. If I ever met you I think I would automatically spoogle because you blog so sexy. Love you all. Thanks for listening

  35. Haha….

    Bobby Knight…I think you should probably jerk off BEFORE you meet me…I don’t need you spooging everwhere…That’s just nasty…

  36. It’s because I said I suck isn’t it? lol

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