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If I ever met…..

It is time once again for my favorite game show….

 If I Ever Met….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lindsey Lohan –

I would pick her up and pick my teeth with her. And then throw her away like the piece of trash that she is.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Kevin Federline –

I’d ask this dude how to get rich with out any job or talent what so ever. Then after he told me his secret I would punch him in the neck.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 Brandy –

Well it depends on where I meet her. If she is driving I hope to God I have a seat belt on. If it’s on the street I would laugh at her for losing her spot on that TV show she was on to Ozzy’s wife. Haha…Loser.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Criss Angel “Mind Freak” –

After beating the shit out of him, I would probably ask him why he lies to every one. And then when he says he doesn’t I’d rip out his heart like the dude in Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. I don’t tolorate liars….


18 Responses

  1. Thats a stupid game,

  2. I hate you….

  3. I would shoved rockets up criss angel’s ass then he could say he really did fly.
    Yes that dude lies.

  4. Haha…

    I’d buy that pay per view!!…:)

  5. lol Criss Angel… I don’t care if he does lie… he’s hott lol

  6. Criss Angel is a total fruit…

  7. If I ever met Lindsay Lohan…hmm.

    First Id get her drunk…if see wasn’t already.

    Then Id tie her up.

    Then I would go find the mind freak, and ask him to eat her (all gone)

    And while this whole thing was going on, Id have federline make a song out of it.. And when his album flopped,, Id then kick him in the cheek.

    Jimmy James

  8. Who the hell is Chriss Angel?.. Is he that gay, emo guy from that band?

    Stupid Maxim thinks that Lindsay is teh h0Tn3sS!!!111////

    Kevin is soo grotty.

  9. man, where’s the love? Blog about something happy would ya? lol Criss Angel is fucking HOT! Doesn’t matter if he’s a liar. Just sayin… 😉

  10. yeah, Angel aint bad looking, if I were a chick..Id do him. Plus he may be able to do cool stuff in bed.

  11. If you were a chick???? Who says that..King deal with this duce-bag

  12. I do not respect peole who drive under the influence. It makes me so angry. I think that Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton need to truly experience a car accident—maybe they’d realize how absolutley idiotic and self centered (understatment) they are being.

  13. Jimmy – That is a GREAT idea….

  14. Criss Angel is a fruit cake magician….Bleh…

  15. Christine – Haha…

    I KNEW IT!!!…Chicks love liars!!…

  16. Bobby Knight – I always knew you were gay…All of that anger on the sidelines was just pent up homo aggression…Or something….

  17. Mari – Lohan has been in about 3 accidents now…She sucks at driving…(just like most chicks) and Paris has been in a few too….They just don’t care and the American public and judicial system doesn’t seem to have a problem with that….

  18. Yeah.. I googled him after you didn’t reply sharpish to the comment to enlighten me..

    Bleh.. just about sums it up.

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