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You don’t like it?…Then stay in Mexico…

Let me start by saying, I don’t care what you say about me. Call me a racist, it doesn’t bother me. I know I’m not. If you have something to say about this, I’d love to hear it. I encourage you to leave a comment, even if you disagree.

I read this story.

I’m not mad at all that Miss America lost. I couldn’t care less about this contest. I care so much about it, that I didn’t watch it. Good for that girl that won it. No one will remember your name in 2 days. The contest is irrelevant, what happened there is….

This took place in Mexico, and if you didn’t know already Mexicans are pissed off at America. Why? Because America won’t let them come ILLEGALLY into America. So what do they do last night? They make a classy move like booing and chanting “MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO” while Rachel Smith (Miss USA) was answering the questions. Classy Mexico, really classy. This is not the first time Mexican citizens have done things that pissed me off. I was reminded by this story that in 2005 in a World Cup qualifier the Mexican crowd booed the National Anthem and during the match chanted “OSAMA OSAMA OSAMA.”

Why? What does any of this accomplish other than make the USA mad at you?


I will NEVER go to Mexico, and I don’t know why anyone would want to go there. The people hate you, the water will make you sick, the police are corrupt as hell, and did I mention that the people hate you?

Why would someone who hates someplace so much want to go to that place? You have to be fucking kidding me. If you want to chat the name of a terrorist, A TERRORIST, and then try to get into this country you can fuck off and die for all I care. Go to some other country. Just skip right over the USA and go to Canada. Or better yet just go south to Venezuela, I’m sure they would take you with open arms. Oh, they wouldn’t? Then stop bitching about us ALLOWING you to come here. Be lucky we let people in PERIOD.

Yes, I am blessed to be living in the USA but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m not an asshole. I’ve never booed a country’s national anthem. I’ve never cheered for a man who funded and planned a terrorist attack on another country. (Don’t even say George Bush, that shit has been beaten into the ground. And I don’t support him. But he’s my president and I have to live with that.) So don’t even say that I should be “counting my blessings for living here.” 

I’m really not sure where else I can go with this. If you have an opinion go ahead and leave a comment.

I need to blow off some more steam….I think I’m going to go work out now….

30 Responses

  1. Oh…. read my blog from earlier today… I said something about a “guest” (illegal) being rude to me in a store and several people assumed I was talking about hispanics… but the same premise.. if these foreigners hate us so much… then why the fuck do they come here? But I got my ass beat in my blog till Jeff stepped in.. and basically shut them all up!

  2. I will check it out…

    I don’t understand how people would want to be someplace they hate…

  3. Or piss all over people and a country that have given them everything for nothing!

  4. Yeah that too…

    I know all of them don’t do it…But even if some of them do it gives people a bad taste in their mouth over the whole group….

  5. let’s run off and live in sin!

  6. Haha…

    I think that is our only option at this point…

  7. I told my mom tonight I was running off to Canada….. she said that it would take awhile because I didn’t get my passport…. oh well.. gives me time to pack. I will stop by and pick you and your fluffy kitty up!

  8. Hmm…I should probably apply for my passport then too…Heh..

  9. Don’t American teens go on breaks in Tijuana and stuff? I’m just asking, I really don’t have any idea unless I see it on tv (and by “TV” I mean OC or Laguna Beach – shut it, I used to watch them – ’cause I wouldn’t hear that on the news).

    I didn’t even hear about the Osama chant.. that’s so low.

    I don’t think you’re racist, I don’t like racists or racism at all. I do think you state it how you see it / think it and regardless of colour / nationality, that is a liberty that we should all be entitled to.

  10. Yeah people go on spring break to Mexico…I never did, nor would I ever….I wouldn’t give a dime to some place that doesn’t want me there….

    I forgot all about that chant until I read this story and then I got SUPER pissed…

    I am probably doing a radio show this week and this might be the topic…I haven’t decided yet but I’m pretty sure…

  11. Cool!

    Ummm.. so you don’t have a passport yet? How would you be able to travel to Aus without a passport? Don’t tell me you’re actually gonna wait until you get the robot fitout.. that’ll be foreeeever (insert the sad face here!)

  12. I’ve never needed a passport…I’ve never left the USA…

    When I am Robot Steve there will be no stoppping me!! 🙂

  13. You better get your passport Steve….. then we can go on our “Steve and Gabbi World Tour” …. one of us should probably start playing the lottery too. We need money.

  14. Haha…

    Well you need money to play the lottery…

  15. Man, you really are pissed huh? I don’t really have an opinion. I have 2 aunts that came straight from Mexico and married my uncles…and many offsring from those 2 relationships…my family are all grateful to be here. Doesn’t sound like the dudes are so much grateful in the above mentioned scenarios. But, whether Hispanic or whatever nationality, the point it, there are a ton of ungrateful bastards of every color and nationality around every corner. Even some of our own. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. We can’t go worrying ourselves into a tizzy over stuff we have no control over. I mean, of course we can all vote and write pissed off angry blogs, and do all that shit, but the bottom line is, we can’t do much about it.

    I’m just grateful I’m one of the grateful ones. Man we have it good in the good ol’ U S and A. 🙂

  16. You’re right there isn’t much I can do about it….But posting this blog and yelling about it did make me feel better…

  17. I agree with Christine, and King at the same time. It was rude and uncalled for to laugh and boo at Miss USA. Its aight to be angry.

    Thanks for your attn.

    Jimmy James

  18. Well they didn’t laugh at her…

    I did, when she fell….That is the only reason I would watch those things…

  19. “Don’t even say George Bush, that shit has been beaten into the ground. And I don’t support him. But he’s my president and I have to live with that”

    LOL you would perfectly fit in Mexico. ARRIBA ARRIBA ANDELE ANDELE

  20. Hahaha….

    I don’t even know what to say to that….

  21. Dude.

    Let me point out the fact that I live in Texas and have family in California. We are very very close to Mexico. I could not agree with you more.

    I’m afraid if I go into any detail, people will think I am one step away from joining the KKK. And seriously -I’m not a racist. I am FRUSTRATED.

  22. I had to re-read this blog because I forgot what I wrote. Heh.

    I live about as far away from Mexico as you can and it pisses me off. If shit like that happened in Canada I would be just as pissed. It’s not a race thing.

    PS – I love the Mexican Pharmacy. Hahaha.

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