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Water your grass, not the inside of my car…

Is it hard to set you sprinklers up so they hit ALL of your grass and not the street?

Is it that important to water your grass after we just had a bunch of rain storms?

Today as I was driving down the street with my sun roof open I was hit with a monsoon like rain storm. If I was a Mogwai I would have spawned thousands of Gremlins. I should have pulled over knocked on the person’s door and when they answered kicked them right in the testicles. But I’m a semi-nice guy so I kept driving and just ran over some wild animals to relive some stress.

You have activists for the earth, environmentalists or whatever.(I call them jobless hippies.) Why are they not up and arms about this? I mean don’t they usually complain about wasting water? I know Sheryl Crow is advocating the ONE square of toilet paper method. I don’t know if this lady has ever drank beer before, but the next day I need to use half a roll.

 Hippies start doing what hippies do. Keep the damn water off the freaking street!

21 Responses

  1. I think its hilarious that the water went through your sun roof. In fact, if I was in your car and you got really pissed, I probably would have continued to mock and laugh. But, despite that, I’m sure you can round up enough job less hippies to keep the water sprinklers off the road.

  2. That is one case where domestic assault is NECESSARY…Haha…I kid…

    I hate hippies…I wouldn’t round them up. I punch them in their faces…Heh..

  3. I think I would laugh even harder if you joked about that drenched in sprinkler water…..yeah…I make a great companion. Well…threatening is always a nice option, it certainly works sometimes.

  4. I threaten ALL the time…I don’t follow through though…

    One of these days I will finally snap….

  5. I really enjoy the feeling of snapping out when you’ve been so irritated and angry because you have tried to be polite instead of being rude. My mom told me that sometimes you just have to say “fuck you”—it makes the world so much more bearable.

  6. Yeah…It’s not really that fun when it happens…But afterwards you do feel good…

  7. You deserve water in your stupid car. Ass

  8. I hate you….

  9. lol! Just make it even… they watered the inside of your car… so water theirs!

  10. Hmmm….

    Good idea…

    I might go one notch higher and put a hose in the window of their house…

  11. Nothing a little Rock Salt on their lwan won’t cure

  12. OH!!…That my friend, is a GREAT idea!

  13. I advocate for the environmnent and am not a jobless hippie. Seems someone made a mistake with the direction of the sprinklers. With a little car cleaner you could have considered it a free carwash.

  14. Did you not see the sprinkler King? Because if one were to see an errant sprinkler ahead of ones path, than you think that person would have put up his or her windows. Just as if one saw a dark thunderhead in front of them while driving. You put your windows up. But I suppose you did not notice the errant sprinkler did you King. Lets take time to be more observant..shall we… haha

    Thank you for your attention

    Jimmy James

  15. Lady J – I don’t consider water on my leather seats a free carwash…And if I did get a car was, all this dude’s sprinkler would have done is put water spots all over my car….

  16. Jimmy – When you’re going 30 mph there is only so much time to do things and by the time I saw that the sprinkler was shooting into the street I was in the middle of a shower….

    If I saw a rain cloud I would definitely shut my window but on a sunny day why should I be closing my windows? So some d – bag can water the street? Hell no…

  17. Let me tell ya King. I agree with you, but unless you drive a bently or a corvette..and you may… Then chill, the water spots can come off and your seats will dry easy..especially if they are leather. What Im saying is… Quit being a b**** about it, I would try going up to the person, who had the sprinkler in the middle of the street, and tell him what kind of bs that was.

    Mad love for the King

    Jimmy James

  18. No…I drive a Pontiac…

    It’s the principle though….I don’t want my shit getting all wet….

  19. You complain about the dumbest thing… grow up little boy, a little water is not going to kill you or your not going to melt. Booo Hooo… It’s going to be alright… daddy is here. HAHAHA… If your a dumbass not to close your sunroof or slow down and go around it, then don’t drive. I hate people who drive and don’t pay attention, or complains like a little baby. I-D-O-I-T !

  20. Pontiac…. hahahaaa a piece of junk… mybe it needs a car wash. I drive a Honda S2000 and I’m not as worried about water. your just a complianer. complian on my boy and see where it gets you… hahaha

  21. My sunroof doesn’t close in .3 seconds so that’s kind of a mute point….And the roads here are not super wide so when there are cars on the opposite side of the road you really can’t swerve to avoid things….Plus the sprinkler was cover that WHOLE lane…

    Does it matter what kind of car I drive? I don’t like the INSIDE of it wet.

    I bet you have the stupid ass fart can on the exaust of your Honda…That shit is WEAK as hell….

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