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I almost murdered someone today…

Listen, if you are driving in the fast lane GO THE SPEED LIMIT! There is NO excuse for you going 40 in a 55. There is a SLOW lane just for you.

There was a lady driving (shocked aren’t you?…A bad women driver…) tonight on my way into work. She was driving her GIANT Cadillac Escalade. When I was finally able to pass her she looked like she was probably 90 lbs. dripping wet. (not that kind of wet, although she might have been after seeing me.) She was like hunched over the steering wheel struggling to control her truck at 40 MPH!!. I think it’s about time to trade your SUV in lady. Maybe get a Geo Metro or better yet TAKE THE BUS!

What is with people?….Why do people do this?….

Are there things that people do while driving that make you mad?…


18 Responses

  1. When people don’t use their blinkers. I have almost gotten into accidents when people haven’t used them. It makes me soo angry. Or, when you are trying to switch lanes and you’re speeding up and the guy in the other lanes accelerates just to be an asshole.

  2. Oh both of those piss me off to no end!

    Or what about the person who has their blinker on FOREVER!…I could kill people for this…

  3. Yeah…that also pisses me off because then I think that they are about to turn somewhere. People on Kauai don’t know how to drive at all.

  4. People in Minnesota can’t drive…I almost have to kill someone EVERY day…It’s like people drive shitty on purpose…

  5. I seriously think they do sometimes. There is always an asshole driving who wants to make your day worse than his (or hers).

  6. I hate those people….Just because you suck doesn’t mean that you have to spread your suckiness to the rest of us…

  7. When I drive my shitty SUV they see that I obviously don’t care WHO I run over and get the hell out of my way!
    What about those guys that have their seats laying all the way back with their stereo thumping and they won’t move out of the way of the ambulance that is behind them, with lights and sirens on. Those guys need beaten with a bat!

  8. Those dudes are called douche bags….

  9. I get sooo annoyed when I’m driving (with other drivers!!)

    I wrote a blog about it after having the worst day… bad drivers really **** me.

    It’s about the only topic that I can really tear people apart over.

  10. I hate people when I’m driving…I could kill someone while I’m driving and not feel bad about it…

  11. Yeah?

    Well, after I killed ’em I’d reverse back over them and run their slow, crappy driving guts into the ground..

  12. Agreed!…

    But you’re a woman…So you probably would have killed them by accident…

  13. Noooooo…

    I line them up.. I swear!

  14. Haha….

    Women can’t drive!

    You might line something up…But you hit something totally different…

  15. 7 10 split..

  16. Haha….

    I wouldn’t brag about that…

  17. The only chicks you know are on DVS.

  18. Haha….


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