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Yeah, it’s true….I’m a jerk…

I am a jerk.

Let me set the scene….

I go to this Subway near my house all the time and I rarely eat inside. (the music is shitty and when you leave you smell like a sandwich.) So usually I sit in my car and eat my sub and listen to the radio.


Today I parked my car and I was in front of some workout building with big glass windows in the front. I got my sub and went back to my car to eat. I was listening to the radio, chomping down like a rabid wolf on an unsuspecting child when I looked up to see some fat chick on a tread mill eyeing me and my sandwich up like I was a butterball turkey. Once I was aware of this lady and her obvious weight problem I started to over emphasise how good my sandwich was. Any person walking by would have looked at me like I was completely crazy.(Which may be true.) But this lady and I locked eyes for literally 5 minutes. I was being so serious I’m almost positive that after I drove off the lady went right next door and bought out Subway.

It’s been a really boring week for me so I need to do asinine things to keep myself amused. Did I feel bad about what I did after? Sure. Would I do it again? DEFINITELY….

Have you ever done something you knew was just wrong and mean but did it anyways because it was so funny?…


15 Responses

  1. Sometimes on the freeway, when someone goes flying past me, I call the police dispatcher and report them as a drunk driver. Ok, I’ve only done it 2x…. ok maybe 4x. LOL

  2. OH MAN!…I would KILL you if you did that to me…

  3. Don’t cut me off in traffic when i am already exceeding the speed limit!!!

  4. I’d fly by you…There would be no need to cut you off…

  5. If you and I are in the same state………….we won’t be driving! LOL

  6. OoOohhHHh….That’s what I like to hear!..

    We’ll I will be driving….You will be busy…

  7. I called about one truck and come to find out the guy driving had just robbed a convenient store at the previous exit and was already running from the cops! So I did good there!

  8. Even a blind squirel(spelling) finds a nut every once in a while….

  9. Just put your seat all the way back and enjoy the ride. No sudden stops without a warning though …… *wink

  10. Yeah…There will be no stops….I’m going through all red lights and stop signs….

  11. LOL…. You would look like the happiest driver on the road!!

  12. That is the only time I don’t have road rage…

  13. LOL

  14. When I was a little younger I used to drag race. I am 25 now. At the time, my current wife was with me as my gf. I had a really good friend down at the races, so I thought. When I came back to our racing trailor after getting a bite to eat, I say my friend totally trying to hook up with my gf. I was so enraged I couldnt help myself, I didnt want to do it, but I had too. So i did what any other jealous 18 year old would do and I pissed in the gas tank of his race car..shh.

    Did I feel bad, yup. Would I do it again, hell no, that racing fuel burns like a mfer.

    Thnaks for your attention

    Jimmy James

  15. You should have just kicked his ass….I would go to jail for that…

    Racing fuel…Ow….

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