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I’m taking steriods….

I haven’t told anyone this before. For the past year I have been taking steroids and HGH. I was at a cross roads in my life and needed to make some changes, big changes.

Here is a pic of me before I started steriods and HGH….


As you can see I had very little muscle mass. I was eating healthy. I would eat three grains of rice two times a day and would drink two ounces of water four times a day. I liked to keep a nice trim figure.

Then one day it hit me….The exercise bug. I needed to work out. I needed to get big. And I mean BIG! So after working out for 2 days and seeing no results I took a giant leap into the world of steroids.

This was my new diet. Pills, shots, and creams. I couldn’t get enough. And just like that I was addicted. I need them and I would do anything to get them. I killed many people just to satisfy my addiction, I’m not proud of it but it needed to be done.

I am still using to this day but in much smaller doses. I have come a  long way in the year I’ve been using. Here is a pic of me I just took just to show you how well steroids and HGH work.

As you can see I have made a dramatic turn around in the past year and I thank you for not judging me. And if any of you want to arm wrestle I am the current bar league champ in the lower48 states, those Eskimos and Hawaiians are strong as hell….


7 Responses

  1. LOL

  2. So you want to arm wrestle?…

  3. Nice…just hope you don’t get a case of the exploding arms, hehe

  4. That is me without Steroids.

  5. Wow, those are some disturbing pictures. At least you shaved your head.

  6. im glad to see that stuff is working for you..is your stuff still working is the question, in a completely heterosexual medical sorta way

  7. Aaron – Yeah that would definitely suck….

    Big Guy – Don’t lie to yourself…And me…Heh

    Pecosa – My head is ALWAYS shaved…

    HG – It works well enough…That’s what they made Viagra for…

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