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Another Friday, another fight….Almost..

For the second Fridayin a row I almost got into a fight for NO reason at all. I was at the bar with a some friends of mine. I was the sober cab since I didn’t feel like drinking. After hitting a few different bars we got to Decoys. Decoys is a bar restaurant with a stage for a band on the bar side of the joint. And “lucky” for us they had a loud annoying band playing. So sitting in a bar not drinking around a bunch of drunk people is not my idea of a great time, but it beats sitting at home by myself jerking off to workout infomercials. So I am talking to these two girls that I know when out of left field this old drunk dude comes up buts right in and starts talking to them. After staring a hole right through this stooge he finally turns to me and says…

“Who the hell is this guy?”

Before I could answer him one of the girls says, “that’s Steve, if you don’t know Steve then you aren’t cool.” Or something to that effect. He sticks his hand out in friendship and I shake it then he says the most fucked up shit I’ve ever heard anyone say to start a conversation.

“Are you a Jew?” He asks me.

“What?” I responded, while griping his hand tighter.

“Did you just ask me if I was a Jew?” I repeated, not knowing if I heard his slurred words correctly.

“Yeah, are you a Jew?” He says again.

“What if I am a Jew” I say to him. I am seriously pissed at this point and I am crushing his hand in mine.

He starts to mumble something but at the same time I throw my hands up and walk away yelling “I can’t even handle this anymore!”

I have no problem with Jewish people. And I think I actually stood up for Jewish people on Friday. But I refuse to be called a Jew or anything else that I am not. This old ass dude was a racist piece of shit and I should have kicked his ass, but I didn’t because I am apparently too nice. But in the future if I see him or if anyone else says some shit like that to me I’m kicking them in the neck….

He did later come by and kind of apologize and that made me want to kick his ass even worse. Plus he put bad karma in the air and ruined any chance I had at getting pussy for that night….Thanks old ass dude, thanks a lot….


22 Responses

  1. Sounds exciting…..but, its good that you didn’t hit him (despite how great it would have felt), self control is always a good thing. I’m sorry that he cock blocked you too, I’m sure that it added to the frustration.

    But, hey! At least you weren’t bored out of your freaking mind, like I was on friday night, despite being out myself.

  2. Yeah I got majorly cock blocked…But I’d rather not go to jail…

    Geeze…No fun and you went out?…That sucks…

  3. Jail is fun either…..and it sucks but, its Kauai, the price one pays for living 18 years in paradise.

  4. I mean’t is not…but I think the point came across…jail is bad….I should know too my dad is a judge and took me to one to scare me (did the trick too.)

  5. I know all about jail…I get to hear all kinds of cool stories that I can’t repeat…

    Your dad is a judge? That is pretty cool…

  6. He’s part time…and its okay..(no speeding tickets for me!) I’ve heard a lot about jail myself and wish I didn’t.

  7. Haha…No speeding tickets is a nice perk…

    I like hearing all the stories…Nothing better than hearing about all the stupid things criminals do…Makes me feel better about myself..And that’s all that matters really…

  8. Ego boosts are always good. I enjoyed the stories but, some of them just made me feel bad because of how dumb the things they did were.

  9. That’s why they are in jail…Because they are dumb…heh…

  10. True but, its still kind of sad.

  11. Only a little sad…Mostly funny…Heh…

    I am a bad person though…So I think most things are funny…

  12. Steve first off I would like to apologize for the cockblockation said dude did. You wouldn’t have had to fight, I would have gone monkey on his racist ass. Then sit back down and told you to proceed in your efforts to get laid.

    If said asshole would have asked me if I was a jew I think I would have said…are you gay? Probably would have ended in a fight but I like fights…I think we can settle half the worlds problems with large army’s and martial law. Some ass kicking, and dropping the bombshells.

    I am obviously kidding.

  13. Hahaha…Yeah…I was in no mood for pussy after all of that…I was to angry…

    It took every ounce of restraint I had not to punch him right in his dumb looking face…

    Your jokes are funny…Heh..

  14. so many things i could say here…i just dont even know where to begin…

  15. ….

    You’re not very nice Amanda…

  16. you very repulsive Steve!

    if i was really mean, i would of said what i was thinking…

  17. What stopped you this time?…

  18. Well King I am a little confused… You are apparently not jewish. This man was most likley highly intoxicated, and highly intoxicated people say stupid and sometimes extremely wrong shit. But your comments inferred that you hate when people call you something that you are not, which in this case you were called a Jew. Would you be equally angry if someone came up to you (mind you in the same rude mannerism as this smuck did) and shook your hand and said to you are you a catholoc, or are you a born again, or are you a millionaire?? I know this sounds ridicolous, and dont take this the wrong way but it sounds like you are the one who has a problem with jews. I am just saying this because there are many people to claim to be so perfect and free of prejudice and free of ever saying anything wrong, and they flaunt it like they should be patted on the back for thier humanitarianism.

    Just a thought, I love you King

    Jimmy James.

  19. I would be offended if he came up to me and said any of that….I was mad at him before he even talked to me…

    You don’t go up to 2 chicks without talking to the guy first…It’s guy code….

    Also, I have no problem with Jewish people, or any people for that matter. It just angers me when people say stupid ignorant shit to me….

  20. you are very political.

    I feel sheepish.. BAA

    Ok, then maybe you should bust him up. Teach that pansy that nobody mows your lawn except for you. Jimmy James says stand up for your rights, and if you got something to say yo ass betta carry yo self with some class, or King Steve and Jimmy James are gonna drop some glass. Yeah.

    Next time, someone comes up to you, you tell them Jimmy James is a coming and they better start a runnin.

    Jimmy James

  21. you are very political.

    I feel sheepish.. BAA

    Ok, then maybe you should bust him up. Teach that pansy that nobody mows your lawn except for you. Jimmy James says stand up for your rights, and if you got something to say yo ass betta carry yo self with some class, or King Steve and Jimmy James are gonna drop some glass. Yeah.

    Next time, someone comes up to you, you tell them Jimmy James is a coming and they better start a runnin.
    Thanks for your attention
    Jimmy James

  22. Haha…

    I can’t go to jail..Heh..I work with those people….

    If I would have been drunk the guy would have been a puddle on the ground…

    I will let the a holes know next time though…Jimmy James is coming!.

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