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Old and Naked?…No thanks….

I just read this article on msnbc.com. Apparently nude beaches aren’t attracting young people. After pondering this problem for 5 seconds I found a solution….


Young people don’t like to be around old people for long periods of time. And they especially don’t like being around wrinkly old naked people.

Also, the only people that go to nude beaches are old dudes and fat/old ladies. NO THANKS! You can have your nude beach. I would rather sniff Rosie O’Donnells arm pit than go to a nude beach. 


14 Responses

  1. Every word in this blog is just plain gross! And how do you even compare sniffing Rosie’s armpits better than seeing old wrinkled pricks at a nude beach..oh man..you crack me up! I’m laughing at the thought..here you are looking around at old naked people and then out of no-where comes Rosie and you are now asking her to sniff her pits…I’m really laughing hard at this one..I say leave the beach and the pits alone. Remember she’s gay, she probably doesn’t even wear deodorant, and it’s hot out so she gotta be dripping with stench too…oh geesh Steve can’t you think of a better “I would Rather”? LOL!

  2. That is the point of the “I would rather..” It has to be something just as gross or grosser than the thing you are compairing it to…Heh…

  3. : ( I was so happy that there was a pic for nude beach.. until I saw it.. back to google for me..

    Have you ever been to a nude beach? I wasn’t all that impressed either.. and my damn camera wasn’t working properly

  4. Haha…I’m not getting a pic of a nude beach…

    I’ve never been to one, nor would I ever want to go…It’s either a bunch of ugly people hanging out all naked or creeps looking at everyone…

    No thanks…

  5. Rosie O’Donnells arm….Pic, I laughed.

    I agree man, this shit is for the birds. I think I need to make a resort for young people to get naked on and run around, where it is filled with young women and hardly if any guys. I think I can call it the King Beach.

  6. The bit where it says joke isn’t there.. I think I used html that wasn’t allowed.. geez, now I look like a total perv..

    Bondi Beach over east is full of hot topless chicks and cute almost bottomless guys.. but you’re right, totally nude beaches seem to attract the 50 and over set..

  7. lol
    eww a nude beach… i think im too modest for that lol
    and eww naked old people!! if i wanna see a naked old person ill volunteer at an old folks home and give sponge baths… lol

  8. Big GUy – Good luck keeping the creepy guys out….

  9. Nat – Ew…Old naked dudes…I just puked in my mouth…

  10. Corki – Um…Are you up for giving young guys sponge baths?…

  11. i hate old people

  12. ME TOO!!!..

  13. LOL-you crack me up! Get rid of old people? LOL Seriously. Someday you’ll be the person that you hate. OLD! lol I know what you mean though…I go visit my grandpa in an old folks home and it’s very uncomfortable to be around that many old people at once. Think about the people that work there! They get to wipe old people asses! lol

  14. I don’t think I’m going to live past 40…Heh…

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