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The 12 something an hour shit, and a 3 dollar fight…

Honestly is there a better feeling than taking a dump at work and getting paid for it? If there is I’ve yet to find it. There is nothing I enjoy more while working than my daily trip to the can. If only they had a phone and a computer in the bathroom at my work. I would never leave, and I could finally take one of my life long goals off my list, the goal? Working without my pants on….

I was at the bar Friday night with about 5 of my friends having a few beers and playing some pool. 2 of my friends and myself went out to my car to put some beer in my trunk from my buddy’s trunk (since I was the sober cab) so the beer would come with us and then I could drink when we got to his house. When the 3 of us came back into the bar there were 2 guys yelling at 2 of my friends and they were yelling back. What they were yelling about I’m still not very clear on. Apparently my buddy Pat threw $1.25 worth of quarters on the floor and started talking shit to these guys saying he was great at pool. These d – bags didn’t find it at all humorous. Well Pat made a bet with one of the guys, let’s call him curly haired guy. The bet was for $3, yeah you read that right, THREE BUCKS. Well Curly haired guy and his crony, blue shirt dude, wanted to either fight or play the game of pool for $3. Well after almost fighting for about 25 minutes the game of pool got played and Curly haired guy lost and Pat got to drink more alcohol that he didn’t need…..Just one more tragedy averted…


16 Responses

  1. i think people like that should check their wallet before they throw change around.

  2. Yeah…But freaking about because of it is retarded…And wanting to fight over a $3 game of pool is even more retarded…

  3. I just read these for the photo’s now.. three bucks.. hahaa!

    Good onya for being skipper.. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

  4. Haha…The photos are my favorite part too…

    Skipper?…I still don’t understand Aussie…

  5. let’s try this again.. ugh! I am not even sure what I said but, I think it was something like how amazing it is of the things you can think of while sitting on the chitter, dude! LOL and when ppl get drunk there’s just no telling what dumb shit they will pick fights over. crazynuts!

  6. My brother just told me a story about him wanting to fight a whole bunch of kids…I made fun of him…Heh..

  7. I once went to a bar to drink, Notice how I say once…Someone made fun of me for being Big, and at this point in time, I was very sensitive to that remark he made, so I stood up and threatened to whoop his ass, which was retarded. I turned around after they started laughing at me, handed my buddy my drink, and told yell, fuck fighting him, I am gonna piss on him. That guy stopped laughing, and had a straight ass face on, and I started to unzip when I got kicked out.

  8. Man…Bar fights are so stupid…Noone wins because EVERYONE goes to jail…

  9. That’s for sure. I love to watch cops or shows like that where ppl are drunk and do exceptionally stupid shit. So damn funny. I think it has something to do with amount of alcohol one consumes. After about a six pack or more, some ppl start getting their balls in a bunch and their vision is blurred & distorted and They get a case of the DAS (dumb ass syndrome)which leads them to believe that they can box and ever1 is looking at them wrong. Paranoia sets in and its all over. just sayin..(I could be wrong though) HA!

  10. Skipper = Sober person who drives drunk friends round.

    I must be the only person in Australia who doesn’t speak “Steve”.. I gotta work on that.

  11. chortegyrl~ – I think it is mostly the person though because I know a few people (including myself) that don’t get all worked up when they drink.

  12. Nat – Ahh….Well speaking “Steve” is just like talking Australian but it actually makes sense…

  13. I’ve been in bars when brawls started.Pissed me off because many times, I just got up and left, but, always ended up leaving a full drink and my money sitting at the bar! It made my night seeing the 3 bucks though! That was very funny, laughter makes up for any bad feelings by far! Great pics and blog, thanks for the laugh!

  14. I aim to please…

    I’ve seen my fair share of bar fights and have almost been in a few because people are way to serious…They are a really big buzz kill most of the time…

  15. LOL-I’m going to comment on your first paragraph about taking a shit at work and getting paid for it. My husband says the same thing! It must be a man thing! It never occured to me how “cool” it was to get paid for shitting. lol

  16. It’s like my dream job!..

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