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Can you blame a victim?…

I read this story in the Pioneer Press, my local paper. It happened right by my old school and close to my mom’s house. I don’t like to be serious all the time but I think this is one of those times.

The Pioneer Press, the local news stations, noone mentions the fact that this girl was crossing the highway ILLEGALLY. I’m not saying this girl was a bad person, I’m not saying that at all. But just because she died doesn’t mean that she isn’t at fault.

As I said I am familiar with the area. 25 to 50 yards away there is a crossing for pedestrians. There isn’t a light, but it is marked with those big ass white blocks painted on the ground and there are signs everywhere.

Here is a mapquest map of the area. It really doesn’t show much but you will get an idea of the area. She illegally crossed through rail road property, cut through a ditch, and jay walked and NOONE mentions this. Everyone just wants to blame the city of White Bear Lake and the MN DOT for not having stop lights there. Well let me tell you, there are about 4 stop lights right down the road that slow traffic up enough during rush hour in that area, there is no need for more of them.

It’s sad that a young girl died. It’s never a good day when things like this happen but hold people accountable for their own actions not the city for having an inadequate amount of stop lights. That is just ridiculous.

So can you blame a victim? I say you can. And I say you should if they are at fault….


10 Responses

  1. It’s sad that it happened but she should have waited for traffic.
    If he didn’t see her until he struck her then she must have just darted out in front of him. “Look both ways before crossing”. Not downplaying the tragedy but she was at fault too for sure.

  2. It just makes me mad that noone blames people anymore for making mistakes. It’s never anyone’s fault…Pfft…There has to be some accountabillity in the world…

  3. holy cow. it almost sounds like they planned her death in order to just get a freakin stoplight.

  4. I wouldn’t go that far….But further down the road there are about 5 stop lights…

  5. I have a few thoughts about all of this.

    1. as you stated before, she had to go out of her way to cross illegally. Prob. to make it a straight shot to the McDonald’s.

    2. As for the guy not seeing her, I wasn’t there, but I know damn well that I see people on the side of the road, I go into the other lane. I cannot believe for one min. that she was invisible until he hit her. That is too unbelievable, I think the man wasn’t paying attention to the goddamn road, and when he heard the hit started to pay attention.

    3. If she had such big plans for her life, why is it that she doesn’t take more responsibility for her own life? there is a crosswalk…they don’t put those there, for appearance, they pt them there for public safety.

    Final note: I think at all intersections there should be a stoplight, unless the road is marked 35MPH or lower. Then an all-way stop should be put up. I think that a 4-lane road needs a stoplight to allow people to cross safely because it is 4 lanes of traffic, this isn’t a dual lane road where you can just skip across, this is twice the trouble. Plus people speed and change lanes, and don’t pay attention. If alot of people cross there, they need a stoplight.

    I just cant help but think everyone in this news article was at fault, if safety was top on the list with all of the people involved then this would have never happened. But it did and it is sad, so what does this mean? It means that we should use this as a learning experience, just add it to all the other similar learning experiences, and maybe just maybe someone will learn a lesson, wither it be the driver, the next kid to get hit, or the city, making sure it is safer.

  6. 1. It is a short cut to McDonalds…
    2. He, as far as I can tell from reading the article, was in the far right lane so he was over as far as he could be.
    3. Noone is responsible for themselves anymore. It’s always someone else’s fault if WE make a mistake.
    4. It’s a 40mph zone and at the next light, going the direction the guy that hit the girl was going, it goes up to 55mph. There doesn’t need to be a stop light there.

  7. Blaming a victim is the hardest thing anyone could ever do, especially when it ends in thier own death. It certainly NEVER means they deserve it, no matter how illegal, or what they did. All I can say is I’m sad and that I wish I could do something to bring her back, but, that can’t happen. Too many bad things happen in this world, and all I know to do is pray. Some people think that’s crazy, but, that’s all I have to make myself and try to make others feel better by doing so. That is what I will be doing for her tonight. I will pray.I’m so sorry for her no matter if it was her fault or not! It’s just sad!

  8. I’m not saying it isn’t sad that she died but hold the people at fault that are actually at fault. Not the city and the DOT.

  9. I think the driver and the girl are stupid. Seriously I notice a cat when it is by a road and I have short attention span. As for her…she is stupid but I would of done the same thing as her. I see it as if you don’t slow down for me regardless of where I am walking it’s your fault. As a driver you should be aware of your surroundings.

  10. Even when you are driving 40 mph and someone is running in the road with the sun at their back?…

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