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Is everyone on drugs today?…

I don’t know if it was because I was super tired tonight or if I was just really aware of people around me, but there were a bunch of doped up clowns around me. By the way it isn’t Friday or Saturday night…It’s Sunday night, don’t people work in the morning?

First example: I went to my mom’s house tonight to check out some stuff on the Internet. (yeah, I still don’t have a computer….) And my friend stopped by to show me his eye. It looked like he got 17 different kinds of dog shit kicked out of him. But he was telling me all kinds of weird, crazy stories that only someone on drugs would be able to follow. I came to the conclusion that he was not sober.

Example number two: When I went to the gas station to get a Dr. Pepper the size of a beer vat the clerk looked more fucked up than some drunk that just got sent to detox. This dude could barely keep his blood shot eyes open and looking forward. He could barely help the gigantic Asian girl in line in front of me. (by the way I almost killed this girl when her cell phone rang and she answered it while being helped.) Then just as I was getting helped some dude that was stoned out of his mind came in. How do I know he was stoned? Because I think I was stoned after standing next to him for about 4 seconds. That is always a good sign….

Example number three: There were about 4 people who were driving that either

A – Pulling over at odd spots on the road for no apparent reason.

B – Touching every line on the road.

Really, I just don’t get it. Is there like certain days where EVERYONE just gets high on drugs? Or was this just some kind of weird scary dream?….


32 Responses

  1. Ha.. all those stoners thought it was 4 20.. they’re like, days behind.. damn stoners!!

  2. *shrug*

    I almost always get fucked up on Sundays. I guess that’s why I’m still up…

    Makes my Mondays just suck that much more. I think it’s subconscious self-sabotage….

  3. Nat – They were so stoned they forgot the date…or something….

  4. MJ – That’s no good….Sunday is a day of rest…You should be recovering from Friday and Saturday night….

  5. I do my recovering on Sunday morning…

    Sunday nights are fair game.

  6. I HATE DRUGS! Okay hate is too strong of a word, but I dislike them very much! I have seen how they have ruined many peoples’ lives around me. And then all the brain cells that they have killed, they make no sense when they talk nor can they comprehend anything that you say! This is not a good subject for me and I am already in a pissy mood, so I am going to refrain from saying anymore than what I already have!

  7. MJ – I am usually so fucked up from the night before that it takes me a whole day to recover….

  8. Sunny – ….Take a couple of deep breaths…..Feel better now?…

  9. I guess I’m just resilient.

    Takes me until about noon to get over a really bad hangover.

    After 2 I’m ready to start drinkin again…

  10. EVERYONE, is on drugs. nuff said.

  11. Haha…

    I usually “fight through the pain” so I can go out and party for the second day of my weekend….

  12. Kier721 – Everyone probably is on drugs….Everone but ME!!…Heh..

  13. Fight through the pain?! i work at a bar, i come back in at 10:30AM and drink for free. i welcome with open arms the 1030 am start. the hangovers become non-existant.

  14. I have no problem drinking in the morning….You don’t get a hangover if you stay drunk 🙂

  15. Ah my point xactly in a few more words. i like the way we think. People could learn valuble lessons from people like us.

  16. They definitely could….

    We are talking about us being alcoholics right?…Heh…

  17. God youre good aha. More or less, moral of the story…Moosehead is alot better then that shit beer i see in your hand…lol

  18. I’ve never had Moosehead….I’ve seen it at the liquor store before though…

  19. i suggest you pick yourself up a couple. nothin like a cold moosehead on a warm summer day. cheers.

  20. I will check it out for sure….I love trying new beers….

    All this talk about beer has made me thirsty….

  21. When I worked in the ER, Sunday nights were the busiest nights! All the freaks come out…. I think they are in denial that it’s Sunday and they have to sober up, get motivated and start another week of their miserable lives that they don’t deserve to have it the first place. But i am not bitter! Heh. LOL

  22. Oh man….Da Nile isn’t just a river in Africa anymore!…

  23. You would think they would make drugs illegal or something.

  24. Drugs are bad.

  25. Chunky – Haha..Yeah I know…

  26. Mari – Yes, yes they are…

  27. Maybe it has to do with the weather being nice. People tend to get more fucked up when it’s nice outside.

  28. The thing is though…It’s been pretty shitty out recently…

  29. Yes, they are all in fact on drugs.

    Weezer was right.

  30. Damn Weezer….

  31. Were thay all Mexican? Perhaps they were drowning their sorrows for the Golden Boy loss.

    Yay. I commented. You should link it more…I’m waaaayyyy too lazy to copy and paste.

  32. No…NONE of them were Mexican…

    I linked it this time because I’m on a computer…Usually I’m using my phone….

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