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Tone it down….Geeze…

Tonight I went to the gas station before work like I always do. And after I got gas I followed a younger girl up to the door. I was about 10 feet away when it hit me like a ton of bricks. The pungent aroma of way to much perfume. I was about to stab this girl with a giant knife like I was the Jason Voorhees. Seriously, my nose is still burning.

I really never understood this. Why are women obsessed with smelling like something that burns everyone around them’s nose? Do you accidentally spray too much on, or do you do it on purpose?….Please tell me, I have to know….

Plus this chick was blowing hot air into her cell phone from the time she got out of her car till when she got back into her car. (I was stalking her, that’s how I know.) I wanted to snatch her phone and smash it on the ground and do an end zone dance like I just won the Super Bowl. Nothing pisses me off more than someone talking on their cellphone while they are paying for things. Just hang up the phone for 2 minutes, you aren’t Jack Bauer. The world does not depend on you talking to “the home base” so just hang that damn thing up!

28 Responses

  1. Now why would you stalk that chick, when I’m a perfectly willing (and good-smelling) target (who knows when to hang up her damn phone)?

  2. Ummm….You live kind of far away….That’s a valid excuse right?…

  3. I hate perfume! And I totally agree about wearing too much! I can’t stand being able to smell someone a mile away! Then when they leave the damn smell lingers forever. Have you ever been hugged by someone wearing too much perfume? The smell stays with you! I can’t stand it!

  4. That is the worst….I hate when the smells sticks to me….Bleh..

  5. It always pissed me off when I worked at JC Penney customer service, and people would try and get me to help them whilst they were on the phone. headsets are the worst.

    In addition, I dont’ wear perfume. I think it’s ridiculous. I hate when I walk by girls on campus, and I can’t breathe because of that lung poison they are wearing. I’m unsure of who they’re trying to impress.

  6. Perfume gives me headaches… always… lol

  7. Oh,the phone thing, that is only way too true. Some people just have to feel like they look important all the time. What gets to me is when ppl are walking down the street talking on their cell phones.I am just in awe. They somehow have a cell phone (for what reason I do not understand) yet, they don’t own any freakin transportation….I just don’t get it!

  8. True, some people have a phone because its fashionable

  9. dude, i’m worried about you. totally agree about the cellphones tho.

  10. Melsa – WHen I worked jobs like that I used to just sit there and stare at them until they hung their phone up….Assholes…

  11. Corki – I hate it…That’s why I usually smell like b o…

  12. chortegyrl – Those are the people you sneak up on and punch in the neck…They NEVER see it coming….

  13. Jimmy – Phones are fashionable now?…Man, what is this world coming to?..

  14. HG – Dude, I’m worried about me too….You want to go on a cell phone smashing trip some time?..

  15. I rarely put perfume on…if I do its a small amount, because I find it annoying…

    as for the cell phone thing…ive done it…it helps keep the weirdos from talking to you…

  16. I will admit that I pretend to be looking at my phone if idiots come by me…But I never do it while buying things…

  17. She was over compensating.

  18. You think?…I like to think she didn’t take a shower…Heh..

  19. Maybe she’s french??

  20. The whole “maybe she’s french” comment ended up in such a weird place. Not to sure how that happened.

  21. lol Steve… its better to smell like BO then to smell like you bathed in cologne… seriously… and you could always get away with saying “I just had CRAZY sex… sorry if the smell bothers you” LOL 🙂

  22. sorry about that cell phone comment, Was not paying attention to where I was typing. Thanks for replying though

    Corki, crazy sex would be a permissable excuse, thats about the only reason people should apply so strong. Because you know if they applied their cologne like that before they went out..crazy sex aint going to follow.

    But what if to overly smelly perfume peoples were to hook up?? that would set off the smoke alarms.

  23. Corki – Is it still the same if I said I just had “crazy sex” with myself?…

    Jimmy James – I would kill myself if 2 overly smelling people hooked up…That, or my nose would fall off…

  24. Ha.. Jason V is ace. You really should have a hockey mask, boiler suit and a machete just for these moments.. Too much perfume, off with your head. Cut in front, stab in the guts..

    Good idea Nat..

  25. Actually, she IS Jack Bauer’s niece. I know that girl. Don’t hate.

  26. I DO HATE!!!

  27. Perfume is so overrated now a days!

  28. That’s what I’m saying.

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