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Are you sure you’re 14?..

 Miss America is now catching sexual predators on the interweb. In this story it tells how she along with police and America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh tricked online scum into coming into a house full of police and cameras. It will air this Saturday on America’s Most Wanted.

This seems awfully similar to another program. Dateline’s to catch a predator series with host Chris Hansen. I’m not accusing AMW of stealing this idea or anything. I think it’s funny to watch these scumbags get busted.

It’s kind of weird though, I can only pretend like I know what these guys said to her and what she said back to them. So that is what I will do. ( I looked up facts about her, so this most likely how the conversations went down. )

Sexual Predator – Hey ASL?

Miss America – Heyz! 14 f Long Island NY. U?

SP – 45 m Long Island. You like older men?

MA – Not as much as I love the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

SP – lol do you have any pics? I’ll send me some of me if you send me some of you.

They exchange pictures.

SP – You are hott!

MA – thanks!! you look really good naked lolz

SP – Do you have any nudes?

MA – no sorry just some hoochie pics of me and my friends imitating what we see on MTV hehe

Miss America sends semi-pornographic pictures

SP – Those are great pics. Godbless MTV! Would you ever want to meet in person?

MA – I’m skipping school tomorrow you should cum over

SP – Sweet that will awesome. Can I bring you anything?

MA – I love butterfinger candy bars! they are my fav!!

SP – I will pick you up a KING sized one on the way over

MA – awesum I hope I can open my mouth enough to eat it all hehe  I will see you when you get here Ill be on the porch waiting. I have to sign off right now I have home work to do!

So as you can see Miss America is very capable of have a stimulating conversation with a sexual predator.

…..This is just a dramatization…..


14 Responses

  1. ahhh yeah, King Steve…. I am 15 and I think you are really hot and i want you to cum over to my house next week and take my cherry…. would you have time? You don’t have to bring me a candy bar but if you can tell me how to give you a bj that would be so cool too!

    Oh yeah, can you sen me the naked pics that you sent Miss America?

    P.S. Pay no mind to the video camera, I just want to remember the first time! **cuddles**


  2. Hahaha….

    I AM NOT THE SEXUAL PREDATOR…..this time….

  3. Well I’m not 15. …. you still free next week? LOL

  4. OMG! LMAO @ this and @ Gabbi!
    This is a great blog! I think it’s great that they’re trying to capture sexual predators this way. If they are dumb enough to fall for it then great!
    Oh! And you ARE a sexual predator (maybe not to 14 year olds) I’m just sayin!

  5. Gabbi – I’m always free…Heh..

    Heidi – Yeah, I can’t wait to watch this on Saturday to see how close I am to the actual conversation….

  6. I’ve watched assholes like this get caught on tv just like your blog reads. As the police come in, the scum bag looks at them like , WHAT? I didn’t do anything. …YET!!! These bastards should get the death penalty just for thinking of wanting to have sex with a child. If it were my child I would NOT need John Walsh, I can promise you that, and yes it would be a nice slow death too! These pricks are what they call Freaks of Nature, and they never change. Great blog Steve, real life things like this just piss me off though! But, everyone should be very much aware they are all out there! EVERYWHERE! And your children need to be watched closer today than ever!

  7. Yeah they are sick….Death penalty might be a little harsh…Some of them though probably deserve it…

  8. Well I was just reading your next blog about that and was getting even madder than you. Really who gives a fuck if these assholes die slowly. but as far as this blog, I am 100 percent certain if it ever happened to one of mine, he would be BEGGING for a cop to come get his sorry ass, if he could still breathe!

  9. I definitely agree….And IF I had kids and that happened there would be Hell to pay…

  10. I just wanted to let you know,I like this site of yours. It’s different, a nice change. And as for your last comment, I’m with you, I got thinking after you said “if I had kids…” it really doesn’t have to be one of my own to be that mad. I watch this crap on tv, this is me step by step 1. I sit up closer to the edge of the couch. 2. My head starts shaking in disgust. 3. The little girl says I’ll be right back, the cops come in , and I’m off the couch, standing up cheering YEAH to a fuckin tv ..I’m so glad my dog don’t talk. I’d be in a straight jacket. But, yeah, I definately get just as pissed when it’s a child I don’t even know. Think how lucky these kids are though just being ploys, it’s the one’s that it really happens to I get crazed out on. I watch tons of forensic files, most of them turn out good at the end,But the ones that don’t get me very upset. I just watch it because I have always been into real life tv shows like that. You were right in your bulletin, it was a great blog! Thanks Steve

  11. Thanks, glad you stop by….

    When I first saw Dateline NBC’s show on child predators I was hooked. I try to watch it every time it’s on now.

  12. LOL! ME TOO! Too bad you don’t see the one’s I get, “Investigators”, “Forensic Files”, “Psychic Detectives”, “Dog , the Bounty Hunter”, And a bunch of forensic profilers Daryl Hinman, and Dr. Lee.. those are some VERY good shows. I learn alot of shit on those shows too. I put a blog up on some stuff I learned on how they actually use pet hairs to link a perp. or the victim to the crime. It’s pretty cool. I love it! But I still Thank GOD my dod can’t talk, I know after she got done rattin on me, they’d send me away for sure. She’d tell the cops how I yell at the tv, and talk to myself, and do my “OH YEAH” dance when they catch the bastards! LOL! My dog is a trip, she tilts her head to the side, then looks at me like “What the fuck,…. mom’s at it again”! LOL

  13. I have an idea …

    PAY-Per-VIEW – Steel Cage Match

    Chris Hansen vs. John Walsh

    I’ve got my money on Walsh. He seems like a legitimate “badass”.

  14. I would pay to see that!!!…

    I would pay TONS of money too!!…

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