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The name game…

Where I work I have to deal with a lot of names. The thing that annoys me the most about people’s names are names that are clearly meant for the opposite sex.

  • Ashley – This is a girl’s name. Why any parent would name their son Ashley is beyond anything my brain can process. The only reason to name your son Ashley is because you want him to hate you when he grows up.
  • Dana – Girl’s name. Why do people hate their kids? Do parents secretly loath their kids because now they have to take care of something other than themselves? I’ve never understood this.
  • Sam – Can we get a ruling on this? Is this a girl’s name or a guy’s name? We can’t have it both ways. When ever I hear “you have to meet my friend Sam” I instantly start bleeding from my eyes.

Can we regulate what people name their kids? There should be a nation wide vote on what names are acceptable. Names like Shaqueesha and Shanaynay would automatically be banned. Anyone who even tries to name their son Kris* will instantly be locked up. No more naming your kids after the months. I know you want your kid to stand out, but every time someone says the date your kid gets confused, and I want to punch them in the temple. 

I’m sure there are about 25 more names that I could rattle off but my brain is still on vacation even though I am back. So if you want to add a name to either the banned name list or to the choose a sex list put it in the comments.

*Unless you are from Europe. They are the only ones who can get away with doing this.


44 Responses

  1. There was this woman who was having twins.. she loved lemon jello and orange jello. She named her twins.. Lemongalo and Orangalo! duh!
    My brother in law named his daughter Hunter… DUMB! And then I knew a few guys by the name of Tracy. Oh and the name Pat.. what’s up with that!
    I am so with you on the names! They should sound like their gender!
    Maybe the names should be simple and just made Boy or Girl! haha

  2. I heard about that Jello one. People are out of control with names and they need to be stopped!

    Hunter – Guy’s name!! Yell at him for me please…Haha..

    I always considered Pat a guy’s name…

  3. Tracy and Stacy definitely! Or Leslie!

  4. Leslie….I hate that name PERIOD!…

  5. Kyle has been used for girl’s too although it is predominately male.

  6. Kyle is a guy’s name….I’ve never heard of a girl named Kyle, but if I did I would make fun of her…

    I’m nice like that…

  7. When I was younger there was a teen actress named Kyle. I almost named my daughter Brittni Kyle.

  8. Toni, Stevie, Sunny (Sonny), you’re falling behind! LOL I almost called you Stevie!

  9. One of my daughters is Kylie! But when her twin sister cut all of her hair off.. we called her Kyle!

  10. I don’t like the names that are spelt different. I forgot to add Stephen.

    Toni….Grr…That name sucks too…
    Sunny is and always will be a girl’s name…I don’t care what kind of arguement someone has with it…Sonny was not manly enough to make that a guy’s name…

  11. I came up with the Stevie.. just sayin!
    What if there was a guy named Heidi? lol.
    Ray.. that’s another one. And Renee!

  12. Yay! I have a girls name!!!

  13. What about Cadence.. boy or girl?

  14. LMAO! My middle name is Rae!

  15. That’s okay for a middle name!

  16. What about Aaron or Erin?

  17. What about Ken? Cuz I call my daughter McKenna.. Ken all the time! haha. But we call her chunky monkey. Munkers Chunk, fatsers, and Kenners too. Oh and Kenna ko Kajet

  18. McKenna?…That sounds like a last name!..

    Cadence is on the banned name list starting now!!…

  19. Aaron and Erin! Heidi brought it up!

  20. I don’t know about the Aaron or Erin debate…There are a lot of both…

  21. What about Carrie or Cary?

  22. See what you’ve started!

  23. Why does it say 8:41 a.m. for the time?

  24. OH I got it!!!! Bobbie~!

  25. I like the name Sam myself. Short for Samantha! And since Alyssa Milano was Sam in Who’s the Boss.. I’m gonna go for a girl with that one.

  26. Or Billie

  27. Cary isn’t a name….

    It says that time because I’m too lazy to change it to my time zone…

    Bobby is the only way to spell it and only guys should be able to use it….

  28. Or Joe (Jo) or Darcy. I had a friend in high school named David Lynn (I won’t reveal hislast name)

  29. Well my brother’s name is Robert.. they call him Bobbie and it’s always been spelled like that. Recently he changed the spelling to Bobby!
    And I’m going to bed so Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!

  30. Darcy…That is a girls name that shouldn’t even be used…

  31. I have a friend named Jon Darcy _______.

  32. Oh man…If my parents named me with any of these names I would have

    A – Killed myself….
    B – Killed a ton of other people for making fun of me…

  33. LOL!

  34. My son has different spelling.. not too different but I’ll never be able to buy him one of those tacky toothbrushes or cups that already have the name on them. But I don’t usually like unisex names or different spelling..

  35. What is his name? And why did you do a different spelling?

  36. Isaak.. ummm, geez it was ages ago, I can’t remember. His dad named him after some American basketballer.. and I can’t remember who.. I’m pretty useless today!

  37. Oh man…

    No comment….

  38. At the daycare my mom used to work at, they had a kid named Asa. Actually all of the kids there had weird names.
    What I really hate is when parents name their kids awkward Bible names… when I lived in NC there was this family with 12 kids, all had names from the Bible… their newest newborn was named Shiphrah. Most random Bible name ever. At least they didn’t name her after Shiphrah’s colleague… her name was Puah.

  39. Oh man…I don’t even know what to say about that…Shiphrah?…I would punch my parents right in the face if they named me that…

  40. So what if a dude has the middle names Ashley. Why should you genderphobes care. I fyour happy with your name then good, if your not, then get it changed. Besides I would becareful about making fun of a guy with the forst name or middle name of Ashley, because the dude has probably been in quite a few fights and scuffles.

  41. Come on, I expect a rebuttal. Dont be shy to admit that judging someones name is wrong.


  42. I wouldn’t say anything to their face..Haha…I’ve heard the song A Boy Named Sue…The dude is probably pissed as hell at his parents and will destroy me in under 15 seconds…

    But I will taunt them on the internet…It’s safer…

  43. for real

  44. Brown

    No! You shouldn’t do that!

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